Isomer Ranking - Combat Basics & Dealing With Enemies

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Want some detailed examples on what to do against specific enemies? Brekkie (the former #1 player with a score of 1.33m) has you covered with this comprehensive guide! 

It's probably the most easy-to-understand Isomer guide out there, and it even showcases how to handle all the difficult fights with animated gifs. No dupes? No problem! You can easily make 10 serviceable echelons by following the tips in here. 

This guide was created in an attempt to simplify or optimize the vast variety of information available. It mainly focuses on possible teams to be used for Isomer ranking and different dolls.

This guide will also be recommending up to 10 echelons with different types of fairies. HOWEVER, THIS RANKING MAP WILL HAVE AN EASY MODE. Please do not think that “having 10 echelons of these” is the only way to clear this map. Use your brain and adjust using below 10 echelons and, of course, feel free to test out and theorycraft various comps when the event comes.

To learn more, check out the full doc below!