Isomer E4-3/4: Above the Hubbub III/IV Normal/EX [Bike Chase Minigame]

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Mission: Kill Boss/Catch Boss

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 Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Dummy Echelon

 Clear Steps

Time for a bit of a detour to have a motorcycle chase! This is something entirely new to GFL, this is a bit of a minigame/different combat method. While it appears daunting the minigame itself is pretty simple, across both maps. It is highly recommended to use Hotkeys or an actual phone for these sequences, but they are doable purely with mouse. Either away, there is no penalty for failing a few times while perfecting the timing and such, so enjoy something more than a little bit different!

Above the Hubbub III

Above the Hubbub III is the more mechanically complex of the two bike chases, feature Squad Defy, each with a unique Skill. Deploy a Dummy on the Command Post and end your turn to get things started. 

This is the general interface for this Bike chase. You do not want to fire off your Skills willy nilly though, each Skill servers a specific purpose. When the fight starts, there will be a dialogue pop up giving you a quick tutorial about what each Skill does. 

AN-94: When targeting reticles appear on the ground, as seen in the screenshot, AN-94's Skill causes the squad to take evasive maneuvers, avoiding Damage. 

AR-15: AR-15's Skill should be activated when M16 throws bombs up in the air, without the targeting spots on the ground. 

AK-12: When M16 throws out three tiny orbs that shoot lasers, AK-12 projects an energy shield to keep the squad safe. 

M4: When the red energy shield goes down, activate M4's Skill to, what else, apply her portable Cannon. From a Motorcycle. You'll need to do this a few times to deal enough damage to end the fight.

As M16 takes more damage the rotation of Skills becomes much faster. Also if both AR-15 and AN-94's Skills need to be activated, AR-15 should always good first to prevent the dodge animations from overriding the shooting animations. It might take a few tries to perfect, but once you get the rhythm down, this is honestly pretty easy. EX is identical to Normal Mechanically, M16 does have more health, and the Skill rotation is faster off the bat.  

Above the Hubbub IV

The interface this time is pretty simple. The timer and distance to M16 are displayed at the top of the screen. The time limit is identical on EX.

This minigame is fairly similar to the lane-based running phone games from the late 2000s. You move between 'lanes' on the screen to avoid oncoming obstacles or jump if an obstacle fills the entire screen. Flashing indicators on the ground indicate which lanes obstacles will appear in, Top, Middle, or Bottom, or if you need to jump, which is all three lanes. 

The fourth button the Skill screen is a Boost, which you need to use to catch up. Activate this as often as you can. 

If you hit an obstacle, M4 vanishes for a moment, and some progress is lost. The time limit is fairly forgiving, giving plenty of room for obstacle hits without failing a run. 

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