Isomer E3-B4: Shark and Sea Battle IV EX

Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 3 Combat Echelons 
    • AR/SMG is sufficient, although RF/HG will perform just fine. 
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Do NOT fight either Nimogen or M16. The Deactivated Bean on the far left is also a trap, there is no reason to blow up the Bridge. 

Warnings aside, this map is also relatively straightforward, although it does take a few turns to wait for M16 to be kind enough to move out of the way for you to make the mad dash for the Radar. Enemies are fairly standard fare for the Pardeus and SF factions. Do not end your turn on the Heliport in front of Nimogen. She will attack, and you will die, as she still has 100% shield, and you have no way to break her shield. The 88k SF Neumum is not nearly that powerful, and a well equipped RF Echelon can take apart the Swap Aegis and Neumums without any issues although if you are bum-rushing the Radar, you are unlikely to fight them. Otherwise, continue as you have, and this map too will fall. Mind your micro though, otherwise the chip Damage will add up on those Rodels.

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post and the Heliport. 


Move the Command Post Combat Echelon up-right two nodes. 


Deploy a third Combat Echelon on the Command Post. 


Move the Combat Echelon on the Heliport to the left one node. 

Turn 2


Move the upper Combat Echelon to the right one node. Then move straight down four nodes and right onto the Heliport. This is to play to it safe with the movements of the Manticore Deathstacks.



Move the leftmost Combat Echelon right one node. 

Turn 3


Move the lower Combat Echelon to the left one node, down two-node, left one node, down one node, and back right two-nodes to the Radar to finish the map. This may take an extra turn, depending on enemy movement. 

Video Guide:

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