Isomer E2-C1: Under the Wall I

Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Rescue 2 Hostages

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Combat Echelon Level 70 4x Linked
    • AR/SMG preferred. 
  • 2 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This map is an odd cookie. Featuring a mix of KCCO and ELID foes that fight one another, it is your job to extract the hostages from the mess. When two enemies fight each other, the enemy with the higher CE will prevail (except in the case of Boss type enemies, which will always win), and suffer a small CE drop (again, this is not true of Boss enemies). Veterans of Singularity will remember these mechanics from later maps in the event and Ranking. The Smasher ELIDs on the left of the map are the major new threat, or at least, the ones that are actually Smashers. Those 15k 'Smashers' are in fact, just clusters of ELIDs without a Smasher in sight. An AR/SMG echelon will mow them down with ease.  

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move one node up, and deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command post. 

Turn 2


Move the Combat Echelon down three nodes to fight the ‘Smasher’. 

Turn 3


SWAP with the SAA. 


Move back up to the right, picking up the hostage, and moving to the right one node, up one node, and swapping onto the Command Post to manually complete the retrieval.

Turn 4


Move a Combat Echelon down one node. 


Move the Dummy Echelon down one node.


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post.

Turn 5


Resupply via swapping then move the Combat Echelon to the right three nodes, and SWAP with the SAA.


Move back to retrieve the Hostage. End your turn. 

Turn 6


Move the Combat Echelon up one node, onto the Heliport. End your turn, and retreat any Dummies that get attacked. 

Video Guide:

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