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'Chapter' four of Isomer is completely linear featuring two Combat Stages, both Bossfights, and two Bike chases. Yes, you did read that correctly there is a motorcycle chase in GFL. Two of them. 

Chapter 4 expects level 90 5x linked Echelons, including 1 Judge Kill-team. 

EX finally bumps the difficulty again, with more SWAP units, a much harder Judge, and an M16 whose a sort of, a threat. 

Sample Teams

The following teams are EXAMPLES only. They should be taken only as guidelines, not as hard and past rules for what you should use to complete these stages. Use your best equips and Fairies possible in all cases. More Armor is better on the Judge Squad, and this example might struggle on EX, Negev would be preferable, as would a better Armor Fairy. EX Judge wants at least 50, but preferably 58 or more Armor, which I don't have the resources to hit on the account used for these examples. 

Normal Maps will need at least level 30 3x linked Dolls by the end, although at the start you can make do with weaker Echelons.


Chapter 3 AR


Chapter 3 Hybrid



Judge Team

Judge Echelon

EX Mode does not play around. You will need to bring at level 90 5x Linked Echelons with good equipment, the best fairies you have (fairy requirements aren't that high, as you can see), and you will want a level 60 BGM (additional HOCs optional). The requirements for EX are the same across all chapters. 


EX ready AR/SMG Echelon


EX Ready Hybrid Backline Echelon


EX ready RF/HG Echelon

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