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2/20 update: Added the recommended investment section to clarify whether duping Python is necessary. 

With the release of Continuum Turbulence, one of the most unique HGs in Girls' Frontline, Python, has become available to GFL EN as an event Limited Drop. 

Python's reputation comes primarily from her insane DPS for an HG; until the eventual release of Desert Eagle in Shattered Connexion, no other HG comes anywhere close to Python's damage output. Python is also a very potent buffer on top of that, providing amazing 30% Damage 20% Crit Rate tiles on top of a passive that can buff her echelon by insane amounts in the right team composition. 

To find out how to make the best use of Python, read on.

Note: Please see the CT All-in-One Farming Guide for more info on where to farm Python when CT is available. 

T-Doll Details

Usage and Demonstration

Python's Skill is her defining feature. It's a fairly convoluted skill with both a Passive and Active component, so let's break it down one by one. 


Passive: Whenever Python receives damage/rate of fire/evasion/accuracy/crit rate (including Fairies) skill buffs, increase the corresponding stats of allies on her tiles by 6%/6%/30%/30%/12% for 3 seconds.

Whenever Python receives a valid buff, she will additionally buff all T-Dolls on her tiles by a small amount. This effectively amplifies the effect of team-wide buffs as shown in the following example: 

In this particular case, Mk23's 20% Damage buff will be amplified to 27.2% for all team members except Python in the first 3 seconds. Since this works with almost every single Skill buff in the game, only some of the most notable synergies will be listed below: 

  • Python (Her own Active): Each of Python's six shots will grant 6% Damage to units on her tiles.
  • Carcano M1891 (Passive): Python will grant 6% Rate of Fire and 12% Crit Rate to units on her tiles whenever she receives a buff from Carcano M1891's passive. 
  • Warrior Fairy (Active): Python will grant 6% Damage and 6% Rate of Fire to units on her tiles at battle start. 
  • Fervor (Fairy talent): Python will grant 6% Damage to units on her tiles at 0s, 8s, and 16s.
  • SAA Mod (MOD II Skill): Python will grant 30% Accuracy to units on her tiles at 0s, 4s, 8s, 12s, and so on, and 6% Rate of Fire to units on her tiles at 4s, 8s, 12s, 16s, etc.
    • As Python and SAA Mod both compete for the tile 4 buffer position and Python takes precedence, this particular combination is usually only seen in 5HG layouts or teams with Carcano M1891. 

Note that the passive buff percentages will scale based on Python's skill level, so it is highly recommended to level Embrace of the Fearless to MAX (Lv. 10)

Detailed Mechanic Breakdown

Each time Python receives a valid type of buff to trigger her passive, she queues up a counter for the corresponding buff type. There's no apparent limit to the number of counters she can store. 

Every second, the game performs the following check:

  • If Python is not currently moving, check if she has any buff counters. (Python can continue to receive buff counters while moving, but cannot apply her passive buffs until she stops.)
    • If yes, for each buff type that has 1 or more counters, apply her passive buff to T-Dolls on Python's tiles and remove 1 counter

This means the following limitations are effectively in place: 

  • Her passive has a cap of 3 stacks per buff type, as she can only buff one stack per type per second and the buff only lasts 3s.
  • The passive can last a lot longer than expected if many buffs of the same type are applied in the same timeframe. 

Active: The next six attacks will have a 100% chance of increasing self damage by 30% for 5 seconds. Max 6 stacks.

Do note that Skill Level affects the proc chance, Damage %, and duration components of this skill. This is yet more reason why Embrace of the Fearless must be trained to MAX (Lv. 10) if the player intends to use Python, because it is otherwise unreliable. 

Because stacks are multiplicative, at the full 6 stacks Python's selfbuff will make her deal approximately 1.3 ^ 6 = ~4.8x damage per shot until the stacks run out!

Note that Python will shoot at random when firing off her Skill's six shots. Her sixth shot is also a double shot that will hit multiple targets, for whatever reason (credits to corsage for sharing this clip).

Of course, since she does so much damage, it's often possible for the boss to die before Python has even fully powered up. 

Python's base Rate of Fire is fairly low - at an unbuffed value of 49 RoF, she shoots exactly once per second. This means that by the time her sixth shot comes out, the Damage buff from her first shot will have already worn off - she won't be able to reach her full damage potential.

While Python can benefit from max buffs with her sixth shot, she will preferably want to fire faster than base RoF to land more hits with full buff stacks (as the buff stacks start falling off right after at base RoF). 

If Python is given enough RoF buffs to cap her Rate of Fire, she will finish all six shots much faster than the 5s buff duration - this means she'll have about ~2.6 seconds of max-power DPS before her buff stacks start expiring and her damage winds down. 

It is highly recommended to pair Python with at least one or two RoF buffers - the Active component of Embrance of the Fearless makes it a unique case where buffing RoF improves Python's effective DPS by increasing the number of shots that Python can make while fully buffed, resulting in the RoF buff boosting Python's overall DPS by more than the RoF %. 

See the RoF Addendum at the end of this article for a table showing this effect. 

Same team comp as the previous GIF, but showing the damage with 3-6 stacks instead of 1-4 stacks.

Recommended Team Composition

Python can fit in a variety of teams (though she is generally stuck to tile 4). A specialized echelon can really bring out her true potential as either a peerless DPS HG or an excellent team buffer. 

Some of the main echelon types are as follows:


Python 5HG Team Composition, normal
Python 5HG Team Composition with Px4 Storm & PPK

Python 5HG is actually so flexible, just about any 4 buffing HGs can be used and it'll work out just fine. (Don't use more than two RoF buffers though, or RoF overcap will happen!)

This team is used both for maximizing Python's damage and for cheap farming - it is an HG-only echelon after all. 

  • Buffers are very flexible, but at least one Rate of Fire buffer is recommended.
    • The best buffers (HS2000, P22, etc.) are not yet available on EN, so an EN version with currently available T-Dolls is shown above for the time being.

Python will receive a massive number of buffs to power her up even further beyond her already impressive self-buffed damage, and in turn also apply a lot of buffs to allied T-Dolls through her passive.

This amplifies the damage output of every HG in the echelon and lets them contribute significantly to DPS, though Python will still be the main carry and MVP.

IWS/Python Exodia

IWS Python RoF Exodia
IWS Python RoF Exodia with Astra instead of Five-seveN

The IWS RoF Exodia has evolved with the introduction of Python, as Python can technically serve as a fourth Damage/RoF buffer while also dealing incredible damage herself. 

This is one of the very few formations in which it's better to not put Python on Tile 4.

It is recommended to either move Python to the backline after battle start, or move one HG in front to tank so that Python doesn't lose links. 

Note that Korean GFL YouTuber StarByeor 스타별자리 has tested this composition and concluded that the performance is very similar to Python 5HG. Therefore, unless Armor Penetration or reliable backline targeting is needed (e.g. vs. Paradeus/KCCO Hydras), there's no distinct DPS advantage in using an IWS/Python echelon instead a Python 5HG echelon. 

Standard RFHG

Standard Python RFHG
Alternative Python RFHG

Python can slot into tile 4 of most RFHG echelons just fine, though since she competes with other tile 4 buffers, it essentially forces a M950A to the middle tile as she'll effectively be the only viable source of Rate of Fire buffing. 

  • All units are flexible for the most part. The above image is just an example reference. 

If a tile 4 buffer must be used, Python can be placed elsewhere, though you'll have to swap her after the battle starts to ensure she doesn't lose links. 

Echelons built like this will perform just fine, but it won't really allow Python to showcase her maximum damage potential.

Carcano M1891

Carcano M1891/Carcano M91/38 setup with Python
Carcano M1891/Carcano M91/38 setup with Python and CLEAR

Carcano M1891's skill is massively amplified by Python in this setup; recall that Python will grant an additional 6% Rate of Fire and 12% Crit Rate to units on her tiles whenever she receives a buff from Carcano M1891's passive. This not only makes Pink cano's column-based buff far more potent than normal, but Px4 Storm's powerful 50% Crit Damage multiplier can also be leveraged in this setup with no drawbacks due to the team-wide crit overbuff.

There are many possible variations of this team composition; the most common is shown above (the position 3 RF can be anyone, not just Carcano M91/38). Now that EN has Clear from the DJMax Collaboration, she can be a great position 5 buffer for players who have her. 

An upcoming detailed doc by corsage will cover all variations of Carcano M1891/Python in great detail, including future combinations from CN/KR server; stay tuned!

Recommended Investment Level

Python's skill should be raised to MAX (Lv. 10) as a priority, because it is unreliable at any lower level. 

It is highly recommended to supply Python with a maxed 5-star ILM Hollow Point Ammo and AC4 Suppressor to maximize her DPS. (Use a PEQ-16A at night if fighting evasive enemies).

RoF Addendum

Increasing Python RoF also improves how quickly she can stack her own damage, compounding the effective DPS increase. The following chart shows a quick summary of this relationship: 

RoF % RoF Buff Required Effective DPS Increase
49 0% 0%
61 25% 40%
69 41% 58%
79 62% 75%
89 82% 93%
108 121% 128%
116 137% 146%

Table summarized from NGA Thread

Recommended Investment Level

Python should be raised to Level 90 x5 Dummy Link, with her Embrace of the Fearless trained to MAX (Lv. 10)

Should I dupe (raise multiple copies of) Python?

Duping Python is completely optional.

While she is strong, the number of team compositions in which she can shine is inherently limited by the number of other T-Dolls duped like buffer HGs or Carcano M1891, and few if any situations outside of ranking call for two Python teams to be deployed simultaneously.

Most players should be fine with one Python only.

Whales or players with too much data to spare can consider farming 2 copies to run two Carcano M1891 x Python teams in Isomer ranking, but this is a top 100 score minmax and not necessary for anyone who just wants ranking rewards. 

Where should I farm Python?

See the All-in-One Farming Guide below, which includes three full-supply routes and one corpse-drag budget farm. 

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