Halloween E-1 Clear Guide

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Possible Drops:

Mission Requirements:

Mission: Eliminate all enemies. 

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Combat Echelons: Level 10 1x Linked should be more than enough

    • This map can be cleared with 1 Echelon, as shown in the External Links section below. Two echelons are recommended for newer players.

  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Halloween 2019 starts off with a simple search and destroy mission, easily accessible to all Commanders. Even Sangvus Ferri is getting in on the season, dressing up Rippers, Jaegers and Dragoons. Feel free to admire their costumes as your echelons cut them down.

Turn 1

Deploy a Combat Echelon on each Heliport. The left echelon should move down and to the right, before stopping. The right echelon should move left one node. 

Deploy a Dummy Echelon on either Heliport, and end your turn. 

Turn 2

The right Combat Echelon should move up three nodes, killing the Jaeger. 

The left Combat Echelon’s path will depend on enemy movement. In the example, the movement is left and down, but you may only need to move down. Either way, smash the pumpkin heads and finish the map.

Limited Drop Farming? 

Check out the farming guide below for details:

External Links

For a video guide of this chapter, check out the below walkthrough by Ceia - while the contents may differ slightly from the text walkthrough above, it works just as well and may even be better depending on your needs.

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