Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-5 B: That Which Must Be Protected EX II

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So, uh MICA did something, and change the map mechanics, which results in the previous solution, and all other known solutions being broken, as of early 10/13.. Multiple parachute fairy spam still works, so if possible, just that method instead. If you find a working solution please let me know and we'll get the guide updated as fast as possible. Late 10/13 update. Working solutions have been found, please refer to them.

I found a semi-working solution, which can be found starting at about the 3 Hour 45 minute mark of the twitch vod here. There is still a fair bit of RNG involved, and a lot of understandable saltiness. 

Ceia has reported a functional solution is in the works as well, which is now linked below in place of a text guide for the time being.

Someone please end me, this was not how I wanted to wake up this morning. 

Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 4 Echelons, preferably Combat at this time

Clear Steps

Surprise harder? The final map of the event again is suspiciouslly not difficult, as that Level 70 4x Linked recommendation should make clear. It does, however, keep the mechanics from the previous map, just adding in some enemies. Enemies obey the same rules as your Echelons, they cannot move into a closed off node, but can move off of them. 

As a quick refresher: Mechanically, this map is deceptively simple. Nodes can be marked with either an Arrow, or a Cross Out mark. When you step on a node, if marked with a Cross Out, that node, and every adjacent node will gain a Cross Out mark and be rendered impassable. If you step on an node with an Arrow, adjacent nodes will be opened to passage, and Cross Out Marks removed. This is used to close and open paths for your Echelons as you move across the map. 

Another slight quirk of this map is that the path you take is decided by which of the Black Beans in the ring around the center of the map is missing. You can either reset the map until you see the same missing Bean as the guide, or you can rotate the guide to fit whatever bean your map is missing. Both options are viable, so chose whatever works for you. It took a few resets to get the bean in the right spot but nothing egregious. 

Thanks to changes in mechanics, and just, general Mica being Mica this map has gone from a precion exercise to a miserable pain in the backside. 

I think it's better if I don't tell you how many times I failed this due to misclicking.

1 Parachute Cheese

If you have at least 1 Parachute Fairy and 2 Combat Echelons with AP, you can do this: 

Ceia's Video

As promised, one Ceia video. A text guide will be come as soon as is viable to do so. Until such time, please follow the guide here. 

Ari's Videos

Same as with Ceia's video, this only counts as example run, your own run can look completely different depending on the Red Goliath.
You will only achieve the same result if you get a similar Red Goliath layout.
Otherwise like said above, take this as example how the map mechanics work and try it yourself, since this can be done from multiple angles... heh.

This video is a more in depth explanation of the map mechanics, as well as another walkthrough.

Next Mission?

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