Girls' Frontline v2.0600 New Client FAQ

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If you've read the New Client summary in the September 2020 Roadmap, you'll already have a good idea of what to expect! If not, here's the official patch notes: 

9/22 update: Free gems? I forgot about those new achievements! 

Also, if you are having severe lag issues, try the fixes listed out here.

A more visual demonstration of the new client features has been provided by Ceia in his summary video, if you're not satisfied by the text-only explanations MICA provided!

Target Practice System

The new GFL Target Practice System that comes with the v2.06 client update is summarized in much more depth by the official tweet infographics here:

Have you used the Combat Sim to simulate echelons and wished you could do similar simulations in-game? This Target Practice System lets you do exactly that, zero-cost combat testing. You no longer have to clear a long and winding map to reach the deathstack you want to ram your theorycrafted echelons into - just set the enemy of your choice in Target Practice and test your team comps for free!


Does Target Practice cost anything to attempt? 

No, you can do it as many times as you want for free. Even things like HOC support will not consume ammo/rations in this practice mode - so feel free to test everything out!

Can T-Dolls/Fairies/HOCs I don't own be tested in Target Practice? 

Target Practice at the moment only accepts T-Dolls you own at the levels/SLs you have them at.

For T-Dolls you do not own, you'll need to use the classic strategy of asking a friend to update their Support Echelon so you can send it into battle. 

Will my T-Dolls take damage if they are damaged during simulation? 

No, they will remain at their original HP values; simulation will not require repair. 

What happens if I send already-damaged T-Dolls to Target Practice? 

They will remain damaged, as is the case with other instances of Combat Simulation. 

Can I use T-Dolls who are currently occupied, such as ones who are in training/logistics? 

You can set them as echelon members (just like you can for Data Sim), but you will not be able to update their Equipment. 

Is the new Auto-Formation feature available when setting up echelons? 


Is it possible to kite or force manual skill activation? 

Yes, the Target Practice battle functions similarly as any other battle. 

Are the time-limited enemies (Special Target enemies with a leaderboard) seasonal? 

The new client is recent enough that we do not yet know the answer to that question. 

Can savescumming be performed in Target Practice? 

Since the simulation costs nothing to attempt, retreating and re-trying would be much faster than savescumming and be similarly effective. 

Are enemy HOC available in Target Practice? 

At this point, they cannot be manually set. 

Will Strategy Fairy effects (Fortress/Combo) or mission/map-based effects (CalicoMod, M82A1) be configurable? 

At this point, they are not supported. 

Can we completely control which enemies we face? How much customization is available? 

The available enemies are pre-configured; for each group of enemies available, you use a slider to set the difficulty, which affects the exact composition. 

It is possible to set enemies or your own T-Dolls to "invincible" so that you can test out the DPS and damage taken over time without worrying about survivability. 

Other QoL Features

Girls' Frontline EN compressed demonstrations for every other QoL change into one tweet; the infographics are reposted below for convenience: 

Quick Formation and Equipment I.O.P. Special Order

Is Auto-Formation smart enough for me to rely on it? 

No. (It basically breaks on anything that has unusual tile buff shapes.)

Auto-formation is great for beginners, though endgame minmaxing or forming echelons with specialist T-Dolls would still be better served by manual crafting. 

Is the 5-star craft rate higher in I.O.P. special order? 

No; while it guarantees a specific type of equipment, the rarity rates are the same as usual. 

If you need specific equipment really bad and want more than 20 crafts a week, following the optimized recipes in regular equipment crafts is recommended. 

Battle Settings, Campaign Autobattle, and Multiple Adjutants

Will I be still be able to toggle Fairy Skill during the brief pre-battle loading time? 

No, that switch no longer renders. You will need to toggle it in the Settings menu now when savescumming. 

Is there an autobattle XP/Drops chart for the campaign missions? 

Not to my knowledge - if somebody makes or finds one, leave a comment below and we'll update the article!

Can I use multiple Live2D/animated adjutants? 

Animations do not render when using the multiple adjutant feature. 

Can I use multiple of the same T-Doll? 

You can use the same T-Doll multiple times as long as the art is different (e.g. costume or MOD III art). 

Other FAQs and Troubleshooting

What are these free gems you speak of? 

Fill out the enemy index (by encountering and defeating them) and you'll get quite a few achievement rewards (see below). 

Are new quests coming with this client? 

Yes! The cursed 28 repairs quest is gone for good now. 

Will Dorms/Echelons be expanded to 14? 

No. The expansion will be introduced simultaneously with Protocol Assimilation. 


My update is stuck with "Insufficient Memory" even though I have plenty of storage and RAM. 

Restart your phone and GFL client and attempt the update once more. If that does not solve the issue, tap the "Clear Cache" button and try again. 

My game is lagging horribly. What can I do? 

Try the workarounds listed below. 

Got any more questions? Leave a comment below and we'll answer it!