Girls' Frontline 6th Anniversary Livestream Recap

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Girls' Frontline

Girls' Frontline 6th Anniversary Livestream started began with, of course, Girls' Frontline. First on the menu is content relating only to the CN server of Girls' Frontline: 6th Anniversary Costumes. Because of covid restrictions and the lockdown in Shanghai, workload was slowed, but to make up for it this batch of costumes will be getting two Live2D costumes at the same time among the rest of the set.

Additionally, there will be a special Protocol Assimilation capture pool wherein players will get 10 free captures per day throughout the event. Normal Impulses, Extra Impulses, and Svarog Tickets can still be used in this pool too. A random Ringleader will start in the pool and once it's captured and the pool is manually reset, another random Ringleader will rotate in from the pictured units. Sadly this will not be on EN this year.

Next up is the standard Lucky Bag which gives a random costume once purchased. This time, every costume in this package is a Live2D costume!

Anniversary Supply Boxes make a return with a new set of costumes. 

Finally, a point event will reward a new Type-64 costume. Among the rest of the Anniversary goodies is the usual span of various Rate-Ups, Gem resets, and True Core Mask.

Girls' Frontline 3.0 Client

Sunborn has been hard at work on the new 3.0 client of Girls' Frontline. They're hoping for an overall performance upgrade and smoother gameplay experience. Below you'll find a side-by-side comparison of the current client versus the new 3.0 client showing off its significant increase in loading speeds throughout the various menus of the game.

New Collab

Most of the community expected there to be a new collab, many even thought it would be Girls und Panzer, however, what we will actually be getting has caught everyone by surprise! Girls' Frontline's next collaboration event will be with Zombieland Saga: Revenge. It's got Idols, it's got zombies, it's got little girls being maimed... seems like a perfect fit for Girls' Frontline actually. I wonder if our new cast will make any ELID friends?

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery is the long awaited remake of Mica Team's older game, Code Name Bakery Girl. Sadly it will continue to remain long-awaited as they have decided to delay the game once again in order to provide the best game possible. The game's release date is still undetermined at this time.

In the meantime they've shared a brand new animated PV, which Yuzhong jested that it burned up a lot of money. This PV was a secret project Yuzhong sprang up at the last second. "I've always wanted to see Jefuty and the others animated.", he said.

Within the new trailer was the reveal of a brand new character to Reverse Collapse, one that was also never present in the original game. Her name is Suger, age 20, and she serves as a Lieutenant in the United Rossartrist Nations Coalition's (URNC) "Werewolf" Special Operations Force. Suger is described as having a lively personality and a fierce heart. She thrives in exciting and stimulating moments. Suger is equipped with two firearms and a cybernetic scorpion tail.

Followed by the animated trailer and Suger's introduction was an all new gameplay trailer showing off new mechanics like stealth or distractions, the return of the dreaded Type-D ELID, and much more.

It was noted that all Boss-level opponents will receive special mini-cutscenes such as Jefuty fighting off a mutated Noel clone, or Suger rushing our MCs. It is unknown if there will be any gameplay input during these special scenes.

The story and scenario of Reverse Collapse will be much longer and complicated than the original, with branching paths similar to Girls' Frontline's major events only this time leading toward different possible endings. If players want the True Ending, they'll have to backtrack through branches to find the right routes and paths to take.

Project Neural Cloud

Project Neural Cloud's third major event titled Inverted Mordent Resonance is slated to release soon along with new costumes and Dolls to go with the brand story and Sector, Burbank, which was already lightly touched upon in Kuro's (MDR) mini-event during her release.

Nascita and Puzzle are the new frontrunner Dolls of the event, designed and drawn by well-known eroge artist, Gyokai. Aren't they great? Nascita was stated to be an antagonist within the event, but being a recruitable Doll means she won't stay that way, how will the Professor get her on their side!?

Sol is also receiving a very stylish sentai outfit during the event. For FREE! Sadly this does not come with a Sol buff... please buff Sol, Kamie!

The other costumes are casualwear and are not free.

Neural Cloud is heading towards its first big climax and it seems the plot will be modular or "seasonal" like Girls' Frontline.
(Example: Singularity was the end of "season 1" for Girls' Frontline).

The event will feature a unique UI and seek to offer a true roguelike experience with even completely random stages. Like past events, Mordent Resonance will provide players the opportunity to pick between an easy walk in the park or challenging difficulties for extra rewards. If you just want to read the story and have no interest in sweating over gameplay, Neural Cloud provides.

A new mini-game will be introduced during the event as per tradition.

Aside from the new event, Neural Cloud will continue to receive optimization updates such as Ultimate descriptions on icon hover, a pause button, Oasis residents, dorm expansion, and a weather system to go along with the day/night system for the Oasis and home screen. They're also adding a relationship map too.

To cap things off, Neural Cloud already has a 2.0 client in the works to offer system revamps, new features, new playstyles, and greater optimizations.

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium

As many may or may not know, there were a lot of problems with GFL2's 2nd CBT. It was so widely criticized that Yuzhong started this segment by apologizing for tons and tons of problems and issues testers had. In response to this, he didn't want to only cover new upcoming additions, but also talk about concrete things, like how they intend to fix the game.

Fan-favorite characters will be making a return such as: ST AR-15, TMP, Welrod, WA2000, PP-90, VSK, Type95, and KSVK, just to name a few. There is more pictured below and there is surely more to be revealed.

The new PV is actually a remake of the very first one (the one that was of really terrible quality) However, they didn't simply remake it, they got serious and Yuzhong brought in outside professional military consultants to mocap units, get routes and movement right, and make the gunplay perfect.

Additionally, the existing cast will receive both visual and animation improvements. The environments in each stage will be receiving visual overhauls as well to breathe more life into the setting and create a more realistic view of the world of Girls' Frontline.

The gameplay shown appears to be roughly the same as it was during CBT2 with some noticeable differences, mainly the lack of elemental assignments to characters who seem to be designated by their class now instead. The gameplay showed viewable enemy stats, what happens when a target is suppressed, and deployable and destructible cover. Defender type characters can make better use of covers and some may even be able to push/pull enemies.

Replacing the elemental alignment system originally tied to characters is an ammo system wherein players will be able to load either Energy or Ballistic ammo on the fly to deal with different types of enemies. Some skills will be revamped from what we've seen before, and there will be new passives associated with pushing or pulling enemies and the ability to effect other enemies when done so to another.

The Dorm system has been revamped, even though it was previously not available in either of the past two closed beta tests. The casting couch star of today is Peritya, showing off a bit and giving us a tour of the dorm itself. Raising Affection with a Doll will unlock more possibilities in the Dorm. A weather system will be implemented to make the Dorm feel more intimate. Swimsuits were mentioned as possible outfits too.

A new piece of content being worked on is a top-down exploration game where players will control a lead Doll among a squad and search for resources, avoid enemy patrols, and finally extract with their loot. Kind of looks familiar, doesn't it? Something starting with a T and ending with kov?

An example of the overworld map zoomed out.

CBT3 is coming. No date has been given yet.


The final part of the stream was going over their planned music festival, which unfortunately keeps being delayed because of Covid. There is still no date for this Carnival. Lastly, GFL-themed metro cards. CN exclusive. More merch was originally planned, but they decided to hold off and show those off during individual game streams.

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