Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium Pre-Release Background Lore

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This article will compile and update any new pre-release information related to lore and setting information for Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium.

All translated information was provided by TMTO and Professional Oryza Sativa#9628


Update September 18th, 2020: Varjager Gang Supplemental Report


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Black Zone

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium Ground Zero setting

-----Ground Zero----

Where the source of Collapse Radiation is located. It is a roughly several dozen kilometers across, composed of the crater created by the original blast and the area around it. It is the final region which needs to be cleansed under the <<European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement>>. Collapse Radiation intensity here is extremely high and survival is unlikely once entered.

No permanent residents. Large numbers of ELID-Infected wander the area.

A mysterious tower-styled structure exists here, containing an entrance to relics of ancient civilizations and abandoned research buildings.

Primarily dominated by wasteland and difficult terrain. After the blast, the entire region has collapsed into a funnel shape with the center known as Ground Zero. Surface soil near Ground Zero was vitrified mid-flight by high temperatures and the shockwave, which has led to the surface being covered by sharp, black crystalline objects.

The region is frequently beset by Collapse Storms. Unlike normal sandstorms, Collapse Storms carry high levels of Collapse Radiation, which make them lethal to all living creatures and electronic devices, in addition to impeding vision and movement.

Collapse Radiation intensity in the region is extremely high. Few other living creatures can survive here apart from clusters of mutated plants.

Red Zone

red zone teaser image

-------------- Contaminated Zone -------------

It is close to the Black Zone and belongs to the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement", which needs to focus on the implementation of purification and treatment of heavily polluted areas. There is a considerable concentration of Collapse Radiation in this area. Dolls and humans require heavy protection to enter this area.

The permanent population is close to none, but there are still unidentified human beings. There is a lot of ELID-Infected wandering.

Most of the original buildings in the area have been preserved, but the damage is relatively high. There are few traces of human activity.

Mainly desert. Due to frequent collapse storms and severe soil erosion, vegetation in this area is scarce and ravines are vertical and horizontal, and the surface has also suffered from a certain degree of silicification due to frequent exposure to high concentrations of Collapse Radiation.

In some low-lying areas, groups of similar looking plants exist.  In the non-flowering period, the CF radiation concentration in the area is significantly lower than that in the surrounding area; in the flowering period, the radiation concentration in this area will increase sharply. Such plants show similar features and similar colors in a single area, but there are certain differences in the shape and color of the flora between different areas.

Damaged beacons, overturned convoys and helicopter wreckages are all over the rugged red zone. No one knows what happened in this area.

Yellow Zone

Yellow Zone concept artwork

------------------ Frontier Zone -----------------

Located in the immediate vicinity of Red Zones. They are regions which need to be cleaned and reclaimed according to the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement", but the work there is not yet complete. Collapse Radiation density here is relatively low, but humans need to wear protective garments traversing through. Dolls do not require any protection and can move freely.

Permanent residents are ordinary citizens and members of the Varjager (Варяг) Clan. Bounty hunters frequent the area. ELID-Infected occasionally roam the region.

There are comparatively fewer signs of human intervention here. For the most part, structures here have been left as-is. Many abandoned towns remain in a usable state and damage is not severe. Said towns contain plenty of abandoned supplies, however residents need to draw on underground water sources over 100 meters deep for consumption.

Primarily dominated by dead trees, swamps and desert. Desertification is a severe problem here and areas with plentiful underground water easily become swamp regions. The terrain tends to be quite hilly. Oases exist in valleys and other such water-rich areas. 

The weather is either abnormal or similar to the contaminated regions, and tends to form regular Collapse Storms. Regions which suffer frequent Collapse Storms tend to exhibit small-scale surface silicization, as well as the growth of small quantities of Collapse Epiphyllum Flower clusters.

Beacons have been distributed throughout the area. Most of the beacons near the Green Zones are intact, while the ones near the Red Zones tend to be damaged or destroyed.

Purification Zone

GFL2 purification wall

-----------W/E_Year_Serial Number----------

A narrow band of territory located between the Yellow Zones and Green Zones, classified as undergoing purification under the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement". It is also the fundamental representation of the "New Westward Movement". Collapse radiation levels vary throughout the Purification Zone, according to the progress of purification work in each area. Under normal circumstances, the Collapse radiation levels in this region is between that of the Yellow and the Green Zones.

This region has no permanent residents. Troops in wall trains are garrisoned in the territories held by the former New Soviet Union. Bounty hunters and PMCs are abound throughout the purification zone. In addition, there are garrison troops who make regular patrols of the purification zones..

The buildings which are well-preserved and retain their full function are sealed off by the wall train troops in preparation for use after the purification is complete. Other buildings which are more damaged and are scheduled to be replaced in reconstruction programs have been demolished, leaving behind piles of rubble. There are security cameras mounted on the high ground in certain buildings.

Mainly dominated by the natural landscape. Overall, it is similar to the Yellow Zones. Unlike the Yellow Zones, however, herbaceous vegetation can be found throughout the Purification Zones. New plant growth can be seen around the few patches of water-rich areas and trees are somewhat less common.

In the territories held by the former New Soviet Union, the Purification Zones are demarcated by a double line of mobile walls composed of wall trains. Many intact self-mobile purification towers are distributed throughout the Purification Zones.

Green Zone

non-primary green zone

-----Extension Zone-----

For the most part they can be divided into Primary and Non-Primary Green Zones. "Primary Green Zones" refers to areas which were exposed to milder Collapse Radiation contamination than most, but which are not considered worthy of large-scale resource injections for management and construction by the government. "Non-Primary Green Zones" refers to areas which are undergoing the purification process and whose pollution levels have been lowered to the point where they can be normally used. These areas are the core representation of what the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement" is working towards. Collapse Radiation essentially does not exist within Green Zones. Humans and Dolls can move freely through Green Zones. 

Primary Green Zones and Non-Primary Green Zones are mainly inhabited by Green Zone residents. Primary Green Zones have a far lower population count than Non-Primary Green Zones. The number of residents in certain Non-Primary Green Zones is often decided by the needs of their corresponding White Zone cities, and Green Zone residents who reside there need to be implanted with special ID chips that contain their personal biological information and their social data. In addition, Green Zones are heavily populated by bounty hunters, PMCs and black market merchants. 

Non-Primary Green Zones are largely made up of factories, farms, and regionally-distributed satellite cities. Architecture in these satellite cities is dense and chaotic, with twisting narrow alleys. Since most inhabitants of these satellite cities work in the White Zone service industry, they tend to be empty during the day, but at night, after the residents return home, the city limits blaze with light. There are fewer signs of human intervention in Primary Green Zones.

Green Zone terrain is largely made up of plains, but some regions show regions of geographical depression. Non-Primary Green Zones possess large amounts of grassy vegetation in the process of recovery. Primary green Zones are fundamentally dominated by the natural landscape, with woody vegetation in regions of rich water supply.

White Zone

white zone art

------------------Safety Zone------------------

These are safe zones surrounded by Green Zones, and radiation levels within them are zero. Said zones were formerly critical regions for economic, governmental or military activities, and even after being subjected to a certain degree of Collapse Radiation contamination, they have been completely cleansed; all direct and indirect damage caused by the Collapse Radiation has been completely eliminated. In addition these zones are now furnished with full suites of Collapse Radiation warning systems, pollution prevention, and safeguarding countermeasures. These areas are the core representation of what the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement" considers to be examples of successful purification works. 

Their main inhabitants are White Zone residents and hired PMCs. Each White Zone City has a different population level and class structure, allowing them to display various kinds of governance and cultural organizations. 

Each city is filled with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, reflecting the characteristics of a vertical city. City traffic relies on dual-purpose elevated roads for cars and light railways. Most light rail stations are found inside buildings, with station names signposted outside the buildings. Car elevators are standard issue for all major buildings. 

Due to the shortage of land space, very few regions within White Zones are devoted to greenery, used for parks, or other such purposes. Recreational facilities are generally found on the roofs of buildings. A very small amount of vegetation can be found on the edges of the cities.

The overall terrain is flat. There is a clear division among the various areas in the city, so as to facilitate the operation of Collapse Radiation detection systems and carry out corresponding prevention and control. Due to the limited land, the city plans to make the best use of every inch of space on the ground, underground, and in the air. The temperature and humidity of the city is carefully regulated for the comfort of inhabitants.

Gang Activity Investigation Report

investigation report on gang activity

File reference number: ██████

File source : Union of Rossartism Nations Coalition Classified Archives



[Discarded Document][Classified]



Filename: Investigation report regarding the rising "Varjager" gang in contamination zones

File Date: October 21st, 2067


          =Investigation details=

  • Frontline teams working in zone purification reported that a new armed group has formed in the contamination zone.
  • According to reliable eyewitness reports, the armed group identifies as the Varjager gang. Members of the gang tend to wear clothing with specific symbols and possess rudimentary armament. They are mainly active around W_2070_6654 to W_2069_8023 and they are expanding their area of operations. However, their base of operations have not been found yet.
  • The Varjager gang is mainly involved in the looting of populated areas for resources, and they utilize cruel means to this end. Their activities have not yet impacted purification works but may pose problems later to it later on.
  • Additional information states that members of the Varjager gang tend to operate individually or in small groups. This may indicate a loosely structured group without a clearly established chain of command within the leadership. With government intervention, this threat could be eliminated within a short period of time.
  • Whether further investigation or intervention is needed, pending instructions


=Written directives and comments=


Go do some real work!



Varjager Gang Supplementary Report

supplementary report featuring two letters regarding the Varjager gang

Right Report

(Attached: Video analysis of “Assault by unknown mech” case)
File reference number: █████
File source: Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition Classified Archives

[Discarded Document][Classified]
Filename: Supplementary report on the rising "Varjager" gang in polluted zones
(Attached: Video analysis of “Assault by unknown mech” case)
File Date:
█ / █ / 2070

=Investigation details=

Frontline teams working in zone purification reported that large numbers of unknown mechs have appeared in the polluted zone. According to eyewitness reports, these unknown mechs are highly suspected to belong to the “Varjager” gang, described in a previous report.

The Varjager gang has aggressive tendencies: The attack near the █████ Purification Zone is a good example of that, where they looted numerous kinds of transport and armored equipment and thus increased their threat level. They are highly likely to go further to loot heavy equipment and possibly affect the purification process.

Currently, the Varjager gang and their mechs have not yet directly impacted purification works. Whether the use of armed intervention is needed, pending instructions.

The following attachment is the recording and analysis of the █████ Purification Zone assault.

Left Report

=Incident Record Video=

Time: 01:08:32 - Sep 15, 2070
Location: TZ23UX-I52ACW


Video Begins: A miniature forklift with two men inside drives along the road near the █████ Purification Zone. After verification, the men have been identified as Im Kovac and Fate Bolger. Both men are residents of the Contaminated Zone and personnel involved in the purification works for the region in question. During the incident, both men were heading to a nearby signal tower to perform maintenance and sentry work, as planned.

01:12:07 The form of an unknown armored mech appears and swiftly approaches the forklift.
01:14:21 The passengers on the forklift notice the unknown mech and open fire on it with the light handguns issued to them. Sparks from hits on the mech's armor are visible on the video. Judging by the opposition's movements, the shooting did not do any damage to the mech.
01:15:12 The mech strikes the forklift with its left-hand weapon, flipping it over and throwing the driver out of the vehicle.
01:15:43 The mech uses what looks like a crane arm to lift the forklift. The video shows that the other person is still inside the vehicle.
01:14:45 The mech and forklift move toward the edge of the frame.
01:16:02 The mech and the forklift leave the frame.


=Brief Analysis=

This is the first sighting of this unknown mech.
Analysis of its paint scheme suggests that it belongs to a Varjager gang within the region in question.
Analysis of the footage suggests that the mech's components come from different machines, leading to a lack of coordination in its movements. This is characteristic of Varjager vehicles.
A convoy painted in similar colors to the mech is visible in the footage. There is a strong reason to believe they belong to the same Varjager gang.

Guy Todd
█████ Zone Purification Works Frontline Wall Train Garrison Sergeant


=Eyewitness reports=

Name: Im Kovacs
Identity: Purification project personnel (Irrelevant content redacted)

"...How, how am I supposed to know what that is!? It's Varjager stuff! They've got lots of bands and they're all different! The places nearby were all cleaned out! But the Varangians...the Varjagers... they've never come so close to the Purification Zone before... You, you guys are going to save Fate, right?!"

=Written directives and comments=

Mind your own damn business and get back to work!


Varjager Acitivity Report

animated showoff of varjager mech unit

Report on the activities of the illegal armed faction "Varjager" in Sector ES_██

Information Source: Special Railway Management Department of the Caucasus Military Region of the Rossartrist Union
File Number: ███
File Date: █ / █ / 2074

Report Contents
Train T624 assigned to railway quarantine duties in Sector ES_██ reports sightings of a "Varjager" heavy fire-powered mechanical unit within 8 km of the railway defense forces. The entire force went on Level Two alert at 5:29 AM for a period of 30 minutes. According to friendly reconnaissance troops, this heavy firepower unit might belong to the clan leader "Bussel", who has been active in Sector ES_██.

The scouting report indicates that this heavy firepower unit has been equipped with a 152mm cannon and poses a severe threat to Train T624, which is assigned to railway quarantine duties in this sector.

Therefore, our railway defense forces requested permission from their superior to deploy the train's defensive heavy weapons after going to Level 2 alert, but the heavy firepower unit did not approach the friendly train.

At 5:41AM, our scouts detected this heavy firepower unit exchanging fire with unidentified armed personnel, speculated to be Tactical Dolls belonging to bounty hunters.

The sounds of combat ended at 5:50AM, but airborne dust made it impossible to determine the final result of the battle. After the dust cleared at 5:59AM, the heavy firepower unit could not be located. It was conjectured to have retreated and so our railway defense forces stood down from Level Two Alert.

We request the dispatch of a motorized infantry regiment to support the ES_██ and assist us in investigating the last known position of this heavy firepower mechanical unit. Awaiting your reply.

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