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Disclaimer: All information here is based on the original run of Dual Randomness. QnA's have teased a 'Remaster' that may change some or all of this information, and we will update this page to reflect any changes when the event is live. 

The major story event Dual Randomness picks up the story after Chapter 13, featuring 5 'Chapters'. 

Dual Randomness shakes things up quite a bit when compared to previous events. This event features several 'new' mechanics, including Multi-layer maps, expanding views of the map when stepping onto certain nodes, maps that are played using only NPC Dolls, and more. One signifcant change however, is the inability to replay certain maps after completing them. Each Chapter has several maps that are 'Story' related maps, which are single clear only, and then a set of random maps after that. This can make clearing all of the maps in a chapter rather tedious, and the random selection for the final maps may be frustrating. 


Story is likewise shaken up, and divided into two 'sides', Angelia and Commander. These can be swapped between using the selector that previously handled Normal/EX. Story nodes are displayed seperately, and can be viewed as your leisure when unlocked. 

Viewing the story-only stages will give rewards as well, so do not neglect them! 

Farming & Ranking

If you're just here for the Dual Randomness farming guide, that will be coming soon, to cover all dedicated farming maps. In the meantime, check out the Should You Farm page if you are unsure who you want to pick up from this event!

Difficulty Slider

Dual Randomness returns the selectable difficulty, offering both a Normal and EX difficulty. EX difficulty will provide a challenge for experienced players, and features 'new' SF enemies, such as SWAP Nemeums. EX maps are displayed at the top of the map select screen, and normal maps more centrally. 

Event Rewards

Polarized's clear rewards are nothing short of downright amazing - a free True Core Mask for clearing the story and tons of goodies just for reading story? Sign me up!

Clear Rewards

Heavy Ordnance Corps

Since the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, players should have now had plenty of time to raise them up to higher rarities - with Ranking EX mode being balanced around higher rarity HOCs! The story has little reliance on them this time around, but this doesn't mean you can skimp out - they will be valuable in Ranking!

HOCs are invaluable to deplete enemy shields, destroy enemy emplacements, and sometimes just for the devastating direct firepower certain HOCs like 2B14 can provide.

For shield-breaking and installation-destroying purposes, BGM-71 is the ideal unit, with AT4 a close second for Commanders who managed to max her out via Theater. Commanders without all HOCs trained should focus on training BGM-71 before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs that involve breaking force shields or structures will assume the usage of BGM-71 unless otherwise specified.  

Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Already raised your HOCs but want a little bit of extra firepower for ranking? Optimize their stats by calculating the best possible chip layout!

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by clearing any event stage. 

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Tokens, Quick Analysis Contracts, exclusive Furniture, along with at least Dummy Cores, Resources, Universal Parts, Calibration Tickets, and possibly much more not shown in this infographic!

All Commanders can farm 75 Supply Boxes per day easily. As these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm these daily since the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. The Chance at a free LTLX alone is well worth the price of admission here. 

AUG Para

The unique reward this time is AUG Para, an SMG with the strange gimmick of boosting her stats at teh cost of others. You may have seen her used for some extremely memey Evasion setups, but these are not indicative of her general performance. AUG Para struggles to stand out from her competition but is a neat pickup nonetheless. 

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

The limited drops in Dual Randomness provide us with one major Doll and a collection of less important ones. General Liu is an extremely powerful Doll, summoning her own army to boost DPS considerably. Mondragon is less appealing, 'merely' an RF Ribeyrolles who does her job effectively without standing out in the meta. 

Dual Randomness is the first time a major event features dedicated farming maps, which allow for a far smoother farming experience. Please stay tuned for our Farming guides and compositions. 

You can check out the analysis of the new DR T-Dolls as as well as the MOD batch that arrived with the event on the links below. We'll update it as we release the analysis.

New Limited T-Dolls
MOD batch
Returning 4 and 5 star T-Dolls
Returning 3 star T-Dolls

Chapter Clear Guides

As mentioned at the start of this page, there have been several teasers about a Dual Randomness Remaster during QnA sessions over the past months. Without much information on exactly what this entails, it is difficult to determine if it will affect any guides based upon the original run of the event. For this reason, we will be releasing our guides after the event launch, to ensure any changes have not affected them. 

This section will be updated as guides are validated, and news updates for chapters will be released when they are complete. 

All Normal Guides are now available! EX guides will be coming soon, everyone needs a bit of a GFL brain break at the moment. 


Attention. Due to some quirks in Dual Randomness, you only need to clear a single EX map to get the rewards. All further EX clears do not provide rewards! 

Additionally, in order to get the rewards from Normal mode, you need to actually clear the normal mode maps. Thus, the optimal strategy for Dual Randomness is to complete a single EX map, and then play normal for the rest of the chapter. This further saves you from struggling with the strange quasi-free roam maps in EX.

Chapter Farm Guides

Farm guides are finally out! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on the respective guide's page.

If there is a cheaper, alternative comp you feel should be featured in the guide, do leave a comment!

Optimal Daily box farm

The Optimal Daily Box farm isn't a straightforward answer:

  • E1-1 has the cheapest cost per Clear farm, but it takes 3 turns to clear, and needs to be farmed 10 times
  • E2-1 is prohibitive to be Clear farmed, so the recommended is a Retreat farm. Therefore it cannot be used to farm Daily boxes.
  • E3-1 can be cleared in 1 Turn, but requires a tank and has a repair bill for those without Flash rounds. It also drops General Liu, so it's two birds with one stone. It's a Clear farm that needs to be farmed 8 times.
  • E4-1 does not require a tank, and is the second cheapest map and arguably the fastest. However, it has no new T-Dolls, so veteran Commanders are already likely to have all the drops there. Can be cleared in 1 turn.
  • E5-1 only needs to be farmed 5 times, but is the highest farm cost in terms of team compositions, and one of the slowest for new Commanders. Not recommended.

For any further questions, check the map's respective guide. If it still doesn't answer your question, feel free to leave it in the comments section.


Dual Randomness' ranking rewards are a mixed bag. The Sand Dancer Fairy is a respectable reward, although she does require some thought to maximize the utility of her Skill. Suomi's Exoskeleton nearly doubles her Evasion all by itself, but the limited need for AR/SMG Echelons, and SMG swith Evasion self buff in specific cut into this value considerably. Still, for the Suomi lovers out there, it is a nice bonus. 






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