Dual Randomness Chapter 4: Operation Snake Eater 9

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Defeat Ouroborus

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Combat Echelons, Level 90 5x Is highly recommended here
    • RF/HG can help to mitigate the challenge of the Jaeger heavy comps, as well as Ouroborus
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Snake Eater's penultimate mission pits us against the titular snake and quite a lot of friends. We do need to activate all of the consoles on the map to remove the locks on Ouroborus, allowing us to engage her. This is a bit of a challenge, as the enemies have stepped up a fair bit, featuring more Jaegers, and strong frontlines to soak up Damage.

For this reason, RF/HG Echelons may serve you well to better remove the Jaegers from the battlefield before they can shoot. This also helps with the Ouro fight, as she comes with Jaegers and still spawns drones in the backline. 

Turn 1


Deploy your Combat Echelons on the Heliports, and a Dummy on the Command Post.


 Move the Echelon on the left Heliport down-right onto the Console. Activate it. 

Move this Echelon down left five nodes to the second console. Activate this one as well. 

Turn 2


Move the other Combat Echelon down-right four nodes, down-left one node, down-right one more node, and activate the Console there. 

Turn 3


Choose the Echelon that will fight Ouroborus. In this case, we are using the lower-right Echelon. 

Move them to the left one node, then up one node, and left one more node. Ouroborus either be standing on this node, or will walk down into your Echelon during the enemy phase, completing the mission. 

Video Guides:

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