Dual Randomness Chapter 4: Operation Snake Eater 7

Article by Soulmuse
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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture Indicated Node

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 AR/SMG Echelons 

Clear Steps

A simple mission, running up to an objective, with the caveat that we need to open the gate. While enemy movement is a little random, we can mostly ignore it, as long as you remember to resupply. 

While the final enemy is a Manticore, strong AR/SMG echelons shouldn't have many issues bursting them down, thanks to low Armor values. 

Turn 1


Deploy an Echelon on the Command Post and Heliport. 

Move the Echelon on the Heliport up two nodes, to capture another Heliport. 


Move the Echelon on the Command Post down two nodes. 

Turn 2


Move the upper Echelon down two nodes. Activate the Console. 


Resupply the lower Echelon. Move them up three nodes, and end your turn.

Turn 3


Move the lower Echelon up four more nodes, and complete the mission. 

Video Guides:

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