Dual Randomness Chapter 4: Operation Snake Eater 6

Article by Soulmuse
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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Eliminate enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Echelons
    • AR/SMG Recommended as before, as these Manticores don't have much Armor. 

Clear Steps

Once again, a fairly random map, and one that will take a good while, as it takes some time to showcase other Coalition units, such as Dragoons and Guards. This can be seen as the advertisement for why these units are underwhelming, but the NPC Coalition units are able to defeat the enemies you need them to without much isssue, and will take up much of the first turns time with the battles. 

The rest of this map is somewhat random due to enemy spawns and movement, so you will see things substantially different from the example images shown here. Consider this an example, not a set of hard and fast rules. 

Turn 1


Deploy Echelons on the Command Post and Heliport. 


We are now going to move all of the NPC Echelons down to start capturing Heliports. You cannot capture all of them this turn without using your own Coalition Echelon and the Phantom Step Chip, so NPC will only move down one node. In this example, that is teh middle one. 


Move the leftmost pair of NPC Echelons down two nodes. Move the middle NPC down one node, then move the right pair of NPC echelons down two nodes each. 

End your Turn. 

Turn 2


Move the center NPC Echelon down one node.


Move the Echelon on the Heliport down one node, then down-right two nodes, then up two nodes. 


Move the Echelon on the Command Post to the right four nodes, down one node, left one node, then down one more node. 

Turn 3


Move your Echelon on the left to the left one node, then down two nodes to clean up enemies. 


Move the other Echelon to the right one node, to complete the mission. 

Video Guides:

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