Dual Randomness Chapter 3: Ghost Sisters 6

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Rescue two Hostages

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Combat Echelon
    • AR/SMG
  • ​​​​​​​1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This mission is the first time the Global server has seen the Teleporter map structure, which allows you to selectively move to other Teleporters when it is active. This will be used extensively for a few missions, then not afterward, despite being a neat idea. 

In terms of map challenge, this mission doesn't have much. You will need to be able to defeat the Rodels so mind your kiting if you are not able to burst them down before they laser, but the Smashers are a non-threat for this mission. We can safely avoid them, thanks to the enhanced mobility of the Teleporters. 

Turn 1


Deploy the Dummy Echelon on the Command Post, then a Combat Echelon on the lower Heliport. 

Move the Combat Echelon to the right two nodes, then up three. Use the Teleporter, and move to the center. 

When in the center of the map, SWAP positions with the SAA. 

Turn 2


Move up one node to collect the hostage with your Combat Echelon. Teleport back to the upper left. 

Move your Combat Echelon down two nodes, and left one node. Manually complete the hostage rescue. 


Resupply if you wish, then move your Combat Echelon back to the right one node. 

Turn 3


Move the Combat Echelon up two nodes. 


Teleport your Echelon to the far right. SWAP positions with the Hostage, then move back to the left to pick them up. 

Teleport back to the upper left, and move down two nodes.

Turn 4


Move your Echelon to the left one node, and manually complete the rescue to finish the mission. 

Video Guides:

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