Dual Randomness Chapter 3: Ghost Sisters 10

Article by Soulmuse Marie
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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Eliminate all enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Combat Echelons, AR/SMG Recommended
  • 2 Dummy Echelons

Clear Steps

At first glance, do not panic. This map is not going to force you to slog through dozens and dozens of enemies spawning endlessly from Heliports. Well, it tries to force you to do that, but you can circumvent this by rushing around the map to engage the SWAP Dragoon on the far side of the map, which will turn all of the enemy Heliports into friendly ones. This reduces this map to a simple question of, 'can we get to the SWAP Dragoon?', to which the answer is just barely yes. From there, we just have to clean up a few enemies with a second Echelon, and Chapter 3 is done. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the upper Heliport, then Dummy Echelons on the Command Post and lower Heliport. 

The upper route makes the second turn slightly less annoying. 


Move the Combat Echelon up one node, then to the right six nodes, then down one node to fight the SWAP Dragoon. This will convert all Heliports to Blue. 

Turn 2


Due to enemy movement, we need to deploy a second Echelon up to mop things up. 

Deploy the second Echelon on the lower Heliport, then move them up two nodes, and to the left five nodes. This should clean up the remaining enemies. 

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