Dual Randomness Chapter 2: Pollinosis 10

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Rescue Architect

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 AR/SMG Echelon

Clear Steps

This is a fairly straightforwards map, although it can get a little interesting if the enemy movement ends up targetting Architect. Other than that, we simply need to rush to Architect, with all available AP, and then retreating back to the Heliport to send her home. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon and move them to the right two nodes. Pick up the Bomb, and throw it at the rock. 

Turn 2


With the rock now gone, move up one node to reveal the rest of the map. 

Move up one node to the right. The direction doesn't matter too much here, we will reach Architect in the same time period. 

Turn 3


Move up two more nodes, and then swap positions with Architect. 

Turn 4


Move down two nodes, picking up Architect along the way. Standing on the Heliport, the mission will complete itself at the start of your next turn. 

Video Guides:

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