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Article by Soulmuse Marie
A guide/discussion of the pretty amusing Division Collaboration Event Minigame.
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In something of a growing trend in Girls Frontline Events, 'Bounty Feast' features a minigame, although this one is rather more impressive than GSG's Shooting range or the Bullet Hell stage from Shattered Connexion. 

For those already familiar with the Division or shooter games, the basic principle will be quite familiar already. Hide behind cover to avoid taking Damage, moving between cover as needed. 

For this minigame, you have a choice to play as either Agent 416 or Agent Vector, and you will fight the one you don't choose to play as. This choice is not entirely cosmetic, the Bosses do feature different attacks, but the player's Skillset remains the same regardless. 

See below for an example of both fights. 


The controls here are fairly simple. On the left is your movement controls, which work like the movement in the SC minigame, or Azur lane movement, for those who have played that. Press and hold to move in the direction you want to go. If you are on an emulator you can map hotkeys to these if you want. 

You have two abilities, situated in the bottom corner. If you are playing on an Emulator, it is recommended you set up hotkeys for these, it will make your life much easier. Those playing on Phones shouldn't have problems.

image for controls in the minigame

The ability on the right is on a short cooldown and causes your character to shoot. Be aware, you do not have an auto attack. Your character will only fire when explicitly told to do so. Shots deal 1 Damage at a time

The ability on the left is a Sprint, which, well it lets you run really fast. You will want to save this for specific attacks. 


General Tips

As to be expected of a Minigame based upon a shooter that focuses on a cover, the 'gameplay loop' of this stage involves moving from cover to cover. This mechanic is fairly forgiving, and your character will automatically duck down to avoid getting shot. 

Obviously, there are mechanics to force you out of cover, but we will cover those in a moment. 

Prior to being attacked, your Character will have an aiming reticle appear around them, serving as your warning the enemy is about to perform standard attacks. The reticle will give you a few seconds to quickly get into cover to avoid attacks so don't treat it as an excuse to panic, but don't get complacent either. 

You will also see occasional white objects placed on the ground. If you can, pick these up, they cause your next auto attack to be stronger than usual, via a Grenade. 

Fighting 416

Agent 416 is perhaps the easier of these two fights, as her attacks largely consist of AoE blasts that deal high damage. This is targeted on your position, forcing you to move between cover relatively frequently. You will want to save your sprint for when she uses an attack that targets only your position, as it will result in a chain of attacks following your movement. Sprint for safety. Otherwise, this battle is fairly simple just a bit time-consuming. 

Fighting Vector

Vector is the harder of these two fights, thanks to persistent damage in the areas hit by her AoE attacks. Her attacks can target your position, or will target areas of cover you might want to move to, leaving a persistent flame that will damage you if you stand in it. Save your sprint for her largest AoE which is a 3x3 grid, centered on your character. Without the sprint, you will have difficulty making it to saftey. Some of her other attacks target lines across the screen at the front and rear of the screen, or specifically target your location, locking you out of a piece of cover for some time. Try to stay in the middle of the area and you shouldn't have any issues. 

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