Division Collab: Grenade Farming!

Article by Soulmuse
A quick primer on farming Frag Grenades for the Girls Frontline x The Division Collab Event "Bounty Feast". This will need to be done a lot, so remember how to do it!
Table of Contents

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Farm all the Grenades

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Not much to say here, just run to the Supply Crate, collect your 10 Frag Grenades, and restart. Repeat as needed. 

At some point over the Event you'll want to farm 404 Grenades for an Achievement, but there isn't any reason to do it right this very second. I'd recommend farming them in 100 Grenade increments, thanks to the Box dropping them 10 at a time. Or you can farm a couple hundred and see how many you use.

Make sure you beat the Secret Objective of the map first, otherwise the shortcut to the Frag Grenade Container won't be available. 

Here a shortcut to the 1-1 EX Guide.

Turn 1


Deploy a Dummy Echelon and move to the left two nodes. End your turn. 

Turn 2

Move left one node, then down one node. Collect your explosives, and restart the map. 

Video Guides:

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