Division Collab Farming 5.2: OTs-14

Article by Soulmuse Marie
Farming route for the limited T-Doll OTs-14 'Groza' in the Girls' Frontline x The Division Collab Event, "Bounty Feast".
Table of Contents


  • 1 Echelon
    • 1AR/SMG
      • Can adjust with Fairy/Doll strenght
  • 1  Dummy Echelon

Drop Chances: 


Farming routes for this map are coming soon, along with budget comps for fighting the boss. You will want to farm this map, for no reason other than you want the Special Equipment for Agent 416, Groza is just a nice bonus. 

Said Special Equipment only drops from killing the Boss, as indicated by the icon under them. This is not a pleasant experience to farm, and the drop rate appears to be relatively high but is not 100%. 

This map can be auto-completed with a AR/SMG and a dummy, just in a time-consuming manner. We'll provide details soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 

I've done 50 runs, and gotten 5 Groza's but still no Eagle, I mean Speq!

That isn't even the right game!

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