Division Collab Farming 2: UMP40

Article by Soulmuse Marie
Farming route for the limited T-Doll UMP40 in the Girls' Frontline x The Division Collab Event, "Bounty Feast".
Table of Contents


  • 1 Echelon
    • 1AR/HG
      • Increase strength as needed

Drop Chances: 


There are two routes through this map. There is no significant difference between them. Chose if you are manually clicking, the lower route is going to be slightly less mouse movement. 

Option 1: Move your Echelon up two nodes, then to the left one node. 

Option 2: Move your Echelon down one node, to the right one node, and down one node. 

In either case, you can add an additional click with planning mode allowing the mission to auto-complete.

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