Division Collab E1-2: New York Library

 Scroll down to find insta-gib grenade option

When eliminating enemies make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Grenade menu and use this option! It should remove the enemy from the map immediately. 

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture specific nodes, and use Workbench

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This time, our Dual Randomness Mechanic of the Map is fully controllable NPC Echelons! These teams are fully controllable consuming AP and taking Damage as your Echelons do, but have infinite Ammo/Rations. Neat huh? Even better,  these NPCs do almost all of the work on this map, which can be cleared without any Combat at all. 

Turn 1


Move the M870 NPC up one node and to the right one node. 


Move the Springfield NPC to the left two nodes. 

End your turn to reveal the rest of the map. 

Turn 2


Deploy a Dummy Echelon in the bottom-right, and move them up two nodes. 


Select the ART556 NPC. Move her up one node. End your turn.

Turn 3


Move the ART NPC to the right one node.


Move your Dummy Echelon up one node and to the right one node. End your turn.

Turn 4


Move ART to the right one node, and up one node. 

End your turn.

Turn 5


Move ART to the left one node, then use the Workbench.


Move ART556 to the right two nodes and end your turn.

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