Costume Shilling #3 Part 1: Zas is best girl

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of shilling. Where our staff reviews the newest skins. This time we got another member on board to be horny shill with us: Shikikans and Commanders, welcome Sheele!
Hi, I am Sheele, Analyst for Gamepress. I am horni and need to talk about my horni, which is why I’m here.
Wait wait wait. Why the hell the part 1 of this shilling called "Zas is best girl"? I suspect someone...

The title is true tho.

...Just you wait.
Well, while he's plotting a comeback, let's get started with the 3rd episode of skin shilling.

Kar98k Purity in Vermilion

Aight people, we’re starting big. The long awaited, biggest surprise until AR anni skins, our favourite and most forgotten mascot: Kar98k! And on top of it, Kar is the first doll to get her own animated intro!!! Credits for Fayeluminati for providing the vid you go girl!

Kar skin Kar skin Kar skin!!!

I loved Kar back when I first got her (still do), and am really happy to see she has a rather nice skin. Groza wedding when

Who would't have thought? Doc actually got his wish granted. We found the impostor

Finally, the time has come for Kar to shine, this is a wonderful skin, she looks so cute! After such a long time of having literally nothing, they finally gave her some love.
Remember the memes when she got the Wedding on CN and the AR team had yet to get a single skin for them.
THIS SKIN, THE MEME BREAKING SKIN!!!! Basically, our logo mascot finally got her first skin, and a wedding dress no less.
Logo mascot? RIGHT, I forgot she’s the icon on this game.
As for the skin itself, well... I don't know... not really amazing or ground-breaking. It seems like the artist drew this based on her usual coat and I think her body finally has got the correct height. I can't quite find anything spectacular in this skin aside from it being Kar's first and only one...
My god, that veil, that dress, that fur, Kar looks like an absolute queen here.

Crally: It's ok but...


BLASPHEMY, all I could say to this goddess is ask for a dance.

A dance... then a bed. She looks like she’d enjoy dancing a sonata with you then dominating you behind closed doors.
Sheele, late for the shilling, suddenly appears with a huge nosebleed.
I simp
[REDACTED] kar ate 6000 tokens from me. Even though the Live2D animations and everything makes her worth it, but I felt like the rates were nerfed in this gacha.
What? When did Ceia join the Shilling ?
Since he decided to sponsor it

Curse L2D, last time I went for you, you got me 5500 tokens and my sanity in real time.

As for the Skin, it's a doozy for her first one. I'm not up to the wizardry to determine if she's finally more than 3 feet tall, but the art does a good job of hiding if it she is, and also goes all in on a far more ethereal look than the others, as well as playing with the light/dark contrast nicely. There's lots of nice little nods to various things, all in all, 10/10 skin, curse it for being L2D.

She’s not taller than 3 feet btw

Noooooooo don't bulli short queen!

She’s so glorious I would gladly be her leg rest.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Aight fellas, Kawa and I are starting “Kar leg rest servants” club. Anyone else wants to join?
I'll skip it. I'd rather sleep on G36C's lap while she whispers in soft voices to me.
I think you’re mistaking the HKs. G36 is the one that’ll do that G36c won’t let you sleep at all
Both are good.
Well, her Wedding skin got those sweet lines that fit well.
Anyway, back to Kar...
Still crazy to think it took this post for the poster girl of GFL to get some love in the skin department. It was worth the wait though, I gotta say. It's a fairly simple dress design overall, but that's hardly a bad thing. The standard white dress is complemented beautifully by the uses of black and the red bouquet. Does so much even with so little colour. Kar stans, happy for you all!
What is a stan?

Am I considered beyond that state ?
Hakurai's nerding
And now gentleman, yours truly, Haku, with his omega nerding. As usual, GP nor its staff is responsible for any side effects from long term exposure to skin review nerding, including but not exclusively to: sudden urge to simp for Kar, sudden urge to simp for Haku, weary eyes, mind enlightenment, vocabulary growth or sudden aversion to long, eloquent texts. Read at your own discretion.

clears throat

Let's talk about themes as I take a sip and swirl this $5 wine in a $3 wineglass

Fuck you, Doc I'm lecturing here.

A few moments later, Hakurai captured Doc and left him blindfolded in a storage box somewhere in the GP base.

Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted, when I was a little boy in the remote town of Chiayi... I wondered why Kar is the mascot, or what her characterization even was, considering how rarely she appears in the story. She's not even a main character, there's not much background on her weaponry nor is there trivia. Samail draws nice works though, considering the other T-Doll is Auggers.

Are you going to shill on her or diss her?
Hakurai, smiling and cheerful, raised his hand to pat and reassure Sheele before continuing his nerding.

Anyways, unnecessary segue aside, Kar98k gets a skin courtesy of a new artist. It's interesting to see how her original costume was interpreted as a wedding dress; considering the different artist, we can look at this as an artistic cover. Kar98k retains herthe signature black fluffy shawl, which contrasts nicely with the white of the wedding dress as a layered accessory. The red of her arm band is traded for a bouquet of red roses, while her boots are represented by the black underlayer at the bottom of her dress.  The patterned motifs on her boots are echoed by the flower print on her dress bottom. They also kept the funny gun-size ratio.

So, essentially, Kar still is a mascot meme?
That’s my next point. While I'd say that both undamaged Kar98k arts are similar and that they did well in finding an artist with a similar art style, once Kar is damaged the new artist shows their true colours more. Aside from cementing the floating vs grounded comparison, the whole spread gives the feeling of a skin-art with background. Whereas the original damage art bordered on lewd embarrassment, this one feels a lot more sombre.
How sombre we are talking about?
Like there was an incident at the wedding and now she's just tired and wants to sit down in a slightly singed wedding dress, probably because your anti-t-doll uncle drank too much and knocked over the candles while ranting about how human survivors are as few as there are and you're choosing to marry a robot, especially since those newfangled machines are taking away his job and now they're taking away some poor girl's future husband (not that you'd get married anyway) and now Kar's just finished drying off from the sprinklers outside the hotel while the fire department drives off in the distance.
I'm worried now
Yeah I was waiting for the melatonin to take hold, so I figured I might as well do this right now.
Soul how come Haku is nerding a thesis instead of you?
Cause I wrote my thoughts at 3am, and 3am Soul is only articulate when he's 1. Drunk off his Gourd, 2, has only been awake for 3 hours. also I was asleep. Finishing my thoughts on bride skins either today or tomorrow, we'll see.

I didn't fucking get her i'm gonna commit

Spoilers: Soul never appeared with his thesis.

Zas M21 Affections Behind the Bouquet

Now, for one of the most awaited skins of this batch, Zas M21! And, to our surprise, she also got herself an intro!!! Someone at MICA sure has a special place in their heart for her. Credits for Fayeluminati for providing the vid. you go girl!

happy noises
That is very nice. It’s rare for a skin to get this treatment. Christmas WA2K is one such.
She's "animated" but it's actually got unique animations and not just full looping. It's more akin to a mini L2D.
After the initial shock on Zas having unique animations, the GP team finally got down to shilling her. Much to everyone's surprise, however, Kawa, the pope of Zas simping church, was not the first to shill
Mmmmmmmmm words cannot describe how much I love Zas. Zas' skin here is just... beautiful. Her artist just knows how to MAKE ART.
Her damaged looks open for a big bite on her neck. Sorry Vivi, but Zas has a more biteable neck.
Can't wait to go back to 8-1N now. Just to see that girl all day long.
Forsake 12-4e, we must use precious Zas. Actually, lets just make Zas Omega-Viable on 12-4e.
Lemme see you try it. And then your SG will meet halfway in the run.
Breaking news: Manpower debt becomes a real thing.
Worth it. Whoever hasn’t run a sub-optimal comp for waifu gets ready to be stoned.
Prepare the bonk machine: waifu > meta. Learn them.

I try to fit my waifu in. BUT NO ONE BE LIKE: BRING G36 into a GUNDAM FIGHT.

(This speaks of past trauma. Remember Commanders, only bring ARSMGs to Gundams if you have the knowhow, and M4mod, to back it up)

What if my doll is Groza. I mean, with her, I can do it.

(And that is how an ARSMG with Groza was brought to face chapter 11 Gundams)

Not 11-6 Gundams, those are too easy.
Too late, no thoughts, heads empty. Time for my maido to face Doppelsöldners.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA her skin is so goooood. I totally need it.
Then simp for her.
Already on it.
Right after Arikira said that, the whole Gamepress Shilling team could hear loud and happy Kawa noises in the distance.
Everyone be simping for Zas.

Zas is great and so is this skin! Really beautiful dress, complimented well with a nice array of flowers and colours. I gotta mention the damaged art for this one as well, it's super nice. Bar that, I don't think I have much more to say here.

I'm definitely not simping for it as hard as the others here lol, but it's still a solid skin in a solid batch.

No can do. You must simp as hard as everyone else.
Zas’ damaged art is a snow white reference. Snow white falls into a never-ending sleep after eating a poison apple.
Sleeping face with neck tilted to the left and pale skin and blue hair. Yeah I can see why you'd be reminded of her. also biteable neck nom.

Why does her damaged art remind me of champagne from AL?

While everyone seems to love Zas, I must admit I was never a big fan of her before; this skin is quite nice and gets better over time. I did complain about Calico's skin being monochromatic, but Zas evades it with a healthy dose of background objects. The soft lighting just gives it an ethereal feeling, very similar to EM-2's skin from the last batch. Perhaps the skin is a reference to snow white and the hunter?

If so, it would fit with her complexion and the whole dreamlike state. Seeing the different flowers and candles does evoke a classical feel, while in her damaged art she seems to be biting into an apple while lying down on hard industrial plating contrasted with the soft flowers from earlier.

Overall, the skin feels very leisurely. There is no dynamic action posing, and the lighting/slight blur just feeds into the whole trance-like dreamworld.

After this long message, some GP member had to take a long time to understand what happened. Red, after a long moment, decided to restart the conversation after getting the skin.


Yo Zas chill out
Zas next traitor confirmed. She wants to be human so she can be gae with Kawa

It’s simplified L2D, but seeing Zas like this makes me a happy man.

Entering nerd mode:First, Zas cute, is good. Well her skins are. I'm with Haku, normal art didn't do it for me much. There is a downside though, which is that I like the anni Skin better, and in a break from duping form, I never duped a Zas, and don't Zas drag, so no use for double skins. RIP me.
Press F for Soul, Commanders.
Appreciated. Anyway, Zas Skins did really do the off white/white look well though, which is such a wildly different look from her base art, as well as the complete shift in style for her damage arts, from default which the damaged is horny. All three of her other skins toss this trend completely, ranging from mildly horny if you squint a bit, to this one, which… now that I think about it, this one could be, but the way the art is done doesn't seem like that was the intent.

Unless the artist also has a thing for necks.

(Remember Commanders, never frown on someone’s kinks. Some like feet, others like neck. But in the end, we all love to simp for our waifus.)

Yes… As for this Skin in particular, if I were a nitpicky bastard, I'd say this is more of a flower girl dress with a really long train on it for some reasons than a bridal gown, but eh, traditions are for squares or something. This one is another good example of the thing about patterns that work great on IRL dresses not translating to art fantastically, because if you look closely there are lots of details in the dress, but the patterns get lost at a first glance, and that sucks, cause this is really solid art, if a little visually lopsided, with all the color loaded on the right, so you get drawn to the gun case and candles.

Damaged art is good, not horny (thigh highs are good, yes please)...but Zas, uh...that's gotta hurt your legs, you know? Actually, I know it does. Weird leg posing aside, have a thumbs up.

Soul went full nerd-simping again. Mad respect for Soul
Heh. I do try and be articulate about what I do like about things, as it's easy to rag on something I don't like, if a skin that I dislike for more than 'FBI will come for me' reasons comes along, but it's a lot harder to talk about what I do, so I do put effort into the whys of what I do like.
I was going to say, "I don't feel like I dislike any skin in particular, just indifferent", but then I remember the children's day skins exist, and while I will say they're cute, like KSVK, it's not something I'd waifu. Otherwise I kinda wouldn’t like the children's day skins even if the FBI wouldn't come after me.
Children's day Skins are weird, because some like alfa are fairly harmless, and then something like Lolee happens.
Well, before we start shilling for the next doll, let’s move on to the finale. For it, our resident Pope of the Zastava Simping Church has a special proclamation to make:

I wanted to write a poem or a love letter or something like that but I have brainworms and can't put into words how much I love Zas so here have this instead.

This is so cuuuuuuuuuuute! Also, can you get drunk where you live? Getting drunk is a great way to write love letters.

(Despite his claims, GP advises you Commanders to have healthy drinking habits, and for those that are underage to avoid illegal alcohol consumption)

Is this the way you wrote yours for the contest?
You already know the answer. Now, before we move on, a word from our sponsor.
Eh, hit or miss there
Matt was later found hospitalized due to a hate crime commited against him.

Stechkin Miss Camellia's Special Service

Now, arguably one of the biggest improvements over her original art, we have Stechkin. Can we take a moment to appreciate how her art improved L O A D S from her original? She reminds me of an idol.

Uh, this one is, uh,questionable in my opinion, but it's also ok-ish.
This skin shows to me that Stechkin is small. Really like, small. To be honest this actually doesn't look like a wedding dress, although I have to admit that one looks way cuter than her original.
Smol wife! Cute gloves! Juicy thighs! Happy!!!
Doc, surprised by kawa's words, called the police, getting her out of the entire Stechkin shilling.
Gotta love that idolish vibe she gives off with her wedding and mod skin. Ngl, one of the reasons I retired her was because of her lame art. The new one is just so much better.

Her damaged art is totally like “stop bullying me”. Maybe if I pull her skin and use it as my pfp Doc will stop bullying me.

(this is a quite naive dream.)

Yes, just Yes! I loved this skin when I saw it on kr for the first time, the new design is pretty good! She's just so happy, feels good, while her dmg art is pretty sad, wanna protect.
Yes, totally agreed. Stech’s new design is omega cute.

I do like this Stechkin over her original, but will I pick it up? Hmmm probably not. There's a couple little things about it which bug me a bit, like I'm not too into the wide eyes and I don't think I'm that into her actual dress design.

I definitely don't dislike it. I can appreciate how happy she looks and the art itself is very good overall. I like the touch of her throwing all the flowers, I think it adds to the aesthetic appeal quite a bit. Pretty good overall.

Confirmed, Red is scared of big eyes
Now that red pointed them out, I cannot unsee the eyes. Another one I've got mixed feelings on. The kicked puppy vibe in the damaged art is 100% superior to the horny, so points for that, and I like the scattering flowers. Also, those boots/stockings over the tights are great, and fingerless gloves, while IRL a bit silly as a neat thing so also points for that. The dress itself is a bit odd since it's more of a body glove with a trench coat which is a bold choice. Superior to base art, not sure if I would buy it.

“Kicked puppy”, dang. Totally "H-how could you do this to me?" vibes. Also, now that Soul mentioned body glove and trench coat, I can't unsee it.

(Haku was never the same afterwards. Neither was the rest of GP staff)

Bodysuits are love, you have no idea how good bodysuits are, bodysuits are the life essence of the world. I would commission a bodysuit-like clothing set for my next vtuber clothing set but idk what to go with it.
Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!
But am I wearing nothing at all?
After Ceia's message about bodysuits, most of the shilling team started talking mad horny about bodysuits. Doc called the horny police once again to jail all the degenerates, causing the article to come late.

RMB-93 Moonlit Lover Beyond Reach

One of the lesser known dolls finally gets so, let’s see how much love she’ll get.
No comment. it’s pretty meh
Who’s RMB, a 3 star login doll?
So much for RMB getting some much needed love. RMB is a 3 star SG that most likely most of EN doesn’t have. Her wedding skin is cute enough that actually made me look her way.
She's a really cute production shotgun, probably my personal fave of the 3 stars. Hope she gets a mood one day.
Yes, she’ll totally get a mood when I bring her to my room.

I meant mod.

(sure you did)

Oh I actually mistook her for PSM. Her skin is nothing special, but I always appreciate an artist's work. Her boobs and legs are great.
I agree, those are nice boobs

There's this 3* SMG, that looks absolutely like UMP45 but with boobs. I thought this girl was her.

(don’t be like this Commanders, know all your dolls. They all deserve love and affection)

Pretty girl, pretty legs, what could you want more in life?

Her affection directed toward me.

(Press F for this Commander)

Look, RMB even prepared champagne for us, what a caring girl. I give 10/10
If I did roll her skin, I might use her on 12-4e.


I just realised I don’t have her.

She’s the only 3 star SG I don’t have
I’ll be like Doc: no comments. Pretty meh for me.
So two shillers don’t like RMB, will someone love her?
I don’t really like her design, but I’ll take her skin if I get her.

To defend Doc and Ari: Definitely the most generic of the skins here, still lovely. I've been mentioning colour a lot, which is something this skin does kind of lack. It's mostly just a lot of white, but eh, it's still really cute. Like I mentioned earlier too... she got nice boobs lol.

Final point, her damaged art is pretty cool too.

I agree with Red, this is pretty generic but not really offensive in any way. For the most part the art is subjectively well done
I've always had a weird soft spot for RMB, oddly enough, no real clue why. Not enough to probably pull for this skin, but it's a good skin nonetheless. RMB art has this weird thing about having her look up at you, only the normal art for her other skin doesn't do it...very strange, and it also makes it really hard not to notice boobs. Which, surprisingly for the emphasis placed on them in the art, are not really too large for her body. Good boobs.
Yes, good boobs indeed.

The random inversion of her veil in the damaged art is cool, also she's 100% down to murder some poor bastard, even if I'm not sure her right knee is supposed to work that way. Can also confirm, nice legs.

Actually while I'm in 'think too hard about things' mode, is it just me, or does that normal art feel weirdly suggestive in framing/details? In the end, it’s a fine enough skin, doll I have a soft spot for, great success. This ended up way hornier than intended.

And so, my fellow Commanders, RMB came to me. Awful as she might be, among the SGs, I’ll raise her to 100 and fill her with love and affection (but sadly no wedding skin)

And on this lucky event that RMB's shilling ended. However, during the creation process, the evil Matt snapped his fingers with his gauntlet, slicing the shilling in half. Luckily, the other half got found out by our other sponsor: Ceia. The GP Team then started to work on the other part that is coming soon™.

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