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Hello and-what's with this Shilling's name??
You really thought I wouldn't poke fun at MICA for not bringing to us the best skin from Marching band?
....And what skin is it?
We'll have to solve this behind closed doors ain't we?
I'm not too sure what happened, and I'm not sure I want to say we'll know the result on Marching Band Strikes Back, so let's get started while I take yet another Aspiring for my migraines
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Don't worry, he's good

G11: Chaotic Symphony

And off we start with G11… 

Why does her normal art looks like her damaged and her damaged looks like her normal?


G11 cri. G11 get rekt by 416. It’s her modus operandi. If not for the torn drum, I’d totally say her damaged art is her normal too.

eh, I’ll take it. A pretty meh skin in my opinion, can’t wait to switch to G11 Mod once DR arrives.

>my neural cloud is overheadting

Poor G11 

What a dork. I do agree I prefer her MOD3 skin, but that doesn't discount the artwork of this one. Her outfit in this skin is pretty good too. 

Also yeah, her damaged art looks like it should be the base art. 

And obligatory


Anyway, I think this one is strange. Adam pointed it out already, but it honestly looks almost like they reverse the normal and damaged art. Not entirely, cause there is some visible damage on the damaged art, but still. I think it would've worked a lot better the other way round.

As it stands, this is my least favourite of the batch. Still a good uniform though.

I think the artwork issue comes down to her looking like she's crying in her normal art, when she's supposed to be yawning.

Beard pretty much nailed it.










We refuse to comment

Crally certified homie.

Ay, I'm into big sisters and big booba but not children.

G11 unable to compute more than a single drum at a time, lmao

What do I say about this? This is surprisingly cute!

Definitely did not figure G11 to be the dorky simpleton in all of 404's misadventures... 

Until now, that is.

UMP40: Klein Space Prelude

The big winner of this batch. Absolute territory, tight skirt, a bright smile, and of course an absofuckinglutely despresso line.

UMP40's skin is a real winner, and just tugs at the strings of my heart that 45 will never be able to hear her performance

She can't be heard, cause she doesn't exist. I wonder if 40 is actually as tall as 45.



Also, that booty closeup on damaged is just hghghghghghg. We already had a vague inkling she had a nice booty, but damn that just proved it was even better than we thought


45's also got the boot.

No wonder they're sisters.

The booty on 40 is so good.


The gun is stored in the drum.

I can't say a ton about this skin since I'm not huge into 40, but it's a decent skin. The 40 and 45 skins are very similar, so I can't really name any specifics I like between the two skins. 40 has a cute smile, and yes, what the others said. Butt.

40 got a cute butt huh. Anyway these marching band skins. I like them, probably not enough for any interest in going for them, but they are nice. I really like the red and gold top with black bottom colour scheme their uniforms have going on. It's nice to see UMP40 so cheerful too, that smile can really brighten a room. Shame she's not useful, otherwise I would've considered trying for this one.

You could set her as an adjutant tho?


I couldddddd, but is that worth spending money on just to never use her? Probably not for me.


This skin is more lively than the doll will ever be in story.

The god damn booty on UMP40, Wao.

Also, is it just me, or are her legs longer than the upper half of her body?


I think perspective is messing with you, but you might be right.

Wow. UMP40, the true God of Dropkicks and leg locks.

Whoa. I pose 40.

Wao. Can't complain about them long legs.

Reject 40 butt. Embrace 40 leg.

I’ve already embraced 12 legs but count me in.

Reject 40 leg. Embrace 40 butt.

Embrace 40,

You were supposed to send a civil war meme on butt x leg, not join the conciliation dark side.

UMP family plan never includes 40. Everyone always talks about how is 40, but never why is 40 (not get more skins on her own). That being said, it's almost short of a miracle that she gets a second skin at all for someone who's supposed to be a well fleshed out backstory character.

In comparison with her other skin, UMP40 trades up to a larger drum, as well as something closer to a band uniform. The stockings are swapped with thigh highs, which I see as an absolute win. Although I wasn't too sold on the soldier-ish red uniform at first, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be it doesn't clash with her theme green color either too badly.Like her other skin, she doesn't bring out the guns until her damage art

That being said, I've seen an abnormally large amount of people rolling UMP40 and getting disappointed with rolling her. In the event of your disappointment, I would like you to redirect all your UMP40 skins towards me. In return, I will take away your disappointment by making you forget you rolled UMP40.

Haku. Is your 40 oathed ?


UMP9: Bolero Dance Bird

And now, we have the brighest of UMP sisters-
Well, that was something.

Newer UMP 9 skins are really great. A huge improvement over their earlier skins, like Valentine’s and anniversary.

Man, how I miss those days when I played PUBG mobile with a UMP 9.


PUBG player spotted
Jokes apart, yes, thigh highs is always nice. Short skirt, absolute territory, cheeky smile, that's a quintessential UMP9 for ya.

Haven't seen how her animations are, but if they're like SOPtuba's then this skin will be a very nice addition to the adjutant slot. To be honest, it'll have to be, since it's kinda hard to compete with her MOD 3 very awesome and very well done animations. Though I haven't seen if 9Mod's animations are as janky as 416Mod's is on EN

Short skirt, absolute territory, cheeky smile, traditional ump9 for ya (1)

Seriously, I'm a part-time leg man and I am going to eat well if I were to somehow pull this costume, lol. Very cute, UMP9/10, this is quite an eye-pleaser.


Like Adam said, traditional UMP9, and that's not a bad thing. Not a lot to say here, but easily the best band skin among the UMPs. 9's cheery character, a great-looking band outfit, and thighs with boots. Very good, best skin of the set.

Best skin by default due to the animation and simple range of motions/expressions, the aesthetics and animation matches really well with ump9’s character, she seems genuinely happy to go out and play those instruments Those thighs are something to cherish as well.
Based thighs. That’s all folks.
Everyone is saying they like this skin while I feel it's just a downgrade compared to her mod L2D. The animation feels old, and not really interactive. Given this skin came out shortly before Mod L2D did, the difference feels too big when it shouldn't.
UMP9, my personal fave of the UMP sisters! I really like this skin, though with it being L2D, I'll pass. I already have her bunny skin which I like a lot too. Not much I can say about this one compared to the other UMPs really, mostly the same uniform with the same colour scheme, looks great.

I have one thing to say: 


So... 416. I guess everyone by now is thinking of one thing, and it is: lewd hole.

Other than that, this skin feels pretty lackluster compared to her other skins (still better than division skint tho). Though, to be honest, it ain't hard to beat it in the first place, and I'm not even talking about the price tag.

Her boots look a tad weird to me, and I don't know why she decided to go with Roro-bent legs stand or why she has a case on her back. I'm sure Soul must have an explanation as to why they look like that.

See? I was right

Wait until she lifts her red top off, like one of those arts.

...pure sex?
Yes. Sex
Aight Adam, I'm out. Too much horniness is giving me migraines
Just take Aspirins like Soul is
Friendly reminder that Doc is not an actual doc, so don't follow his example

...This whole pandemonium aside, this is a oretty nice skin, but I can't look at the skin and not immediately think of the cymbals gif. Art is about what I expect of the usual 416. Thighs and a skirt are a plus.

What's a cymbal?


G11 Hk416 GIF - G11 Hk416 416 GIFs

Ah, so this is a cymbal. I had an aneurysm for a second and thought of Gundam batch when you mentioned skirts. Where's Soul with band trivias??
Charging up, stand by.

While Soul charges up, lemme do my part.

Ah yes, this one skin. I think it's pretty much indisputably the most popular of the batch, and I have to agree. And no, I'm not just saying that because there's a paiz**i hole. I think out of all of them it works the best for 416, the uniform really suits her and the cymbals are quite amusing. Also, that crown is cool. I'll still be personally skipping because I already have 416's Anniversary L2D skin, but this is IMO the best of this batch and one of 416's better skins overall.

Man I never noticed till now 416 had a crown.
Everyone else was too busy looking at the hole. And people think I'm the horniest one smh.
Infinite memes on 416 mommy vibes when?
It's absolutely because of the paizuri hole
In spite of how much I like 416, I found UMP9's to be the best one. The annoyed, mommy vibe she's giving off along with the cymbals about to cave g11's head in is quite amusing and elevate how appropriate the costume feels for 416.
Wao Fenton can not be horny for a moment
Come on guys, I'm not all the time horny
Ya, no, you totally is

While Fenton goes cry in a corner because his friends were mean, lemme come back from the dead because this is 416

Great skin overall, and another skin that proves just how well colour fits 416. Also clap them cymbals, don't let G11 sleep, she doesn't deserve it. Jokes aside, as the crown should indicate, she's the queen of the batch indisputably, as she always is my queen.

Totally non-biased opinion btw.

Ethy, your opinions on 416 is as impartial as my opinions on LWMMG...

I'm not gonna lie, I never noticed the paiz**i hole until I saw fanart of it.
I honestly don't have a lot of interest in the marching band set, but I will offer my sincere opinion that all things considered, it's very good. It's perfectly balanced as all skins should be, straddling the line between cute and sexy. If I want costumes that are too loud and too proud to exhibit (cough Dangerous Beast VSK cough) there are other games that will get me off just fine. The way GFL has been coming with its artwork has been alright, save for the one or two standout hip artists that are moving on their own.

A once-circulated rumour said, GFL wanted art that wasn't too sexy (in comparison to AK's subtle sensuality and AL's off-the-charts no-limit horny). This series of costumes is the natural progression of that idea and I love it.

Though, to be honest, looking at the newer skin batches coming on CN, and VSK, it feels like GFL is going toward Azur Lane direction.

UMP45: Penrose Spiral

Coming up one of the most pleasant surprises of this skin batch to me: UMP45
Very good skin indeed, it's a shame I didn't get it

Tight pants gettoooooo

I feel your pain though Crally, I got that skin on 9th multi only.

That belly peek, those thights. Ima totally marry her. That damaged art is glorious.

To be honest I feel she was drawn better this time than when she was drawn by Infukun.


As I cored my 45 dupe a long time ago, and am unlikely to dupe her again, I'll probably never leave her with this skin. While tight pants is great, and belly sneak peek is also great, her kimono fox skin is just way too superior to this one aesthetically wise. I'm sure Mars would agree.

I'll never forgive MICA for making me miss both skins

This reminds me, you kept suggesting me that I BC her kimono skin over and over again. Should I do it?

Do It GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Aight f* it I took the F and BCed it.

Congratulations Crally, you acquired the best skin of this game. Welcome to the club.

Seems each one of us got a 45 skin this time.

Thanos Perfectly Balanced GIF - Thanos Perfectly Balanced Mini Dagger -  Discover & Share GIFs

Man, another really good skin for UMP45's already impressive line-up. This is one I would've definitely considered under normal circumstance, though since I already have 45's valentines skin and her kimono skin from earlier this year, I don't need it. Still a fan of the colour scheme and overall uniform, and that's a nice-looking sword she's got there. The damaged art is pretty cool too. But like Adam said, it has big competition with kimono skin.

I feel ya. I got her skin, but it doesn't beat having 45 looking over her bare should on your main menu.

I actually got this skin on KR earlier this year. Overall, this set is pretty decent, but I'm not intentionally rolling on this banner on EN since Christmas is coming soon. The designs for the UMPs are all pretty straightforward so I won't have much to say.
When it comes to 45 here, it's well done. She has her usual smug look, a sword, a drum, and very tight pants. All of which are good

i have no idea what to think about this UMP45 skin, but I like the fact that her smug aura is still here.

Something's going up and it's not the shield hero ;)

45 step on me uwu

Okay, degenerates apart...

Finally, a skin where UMP45 gets a big drum mag. Sad flat noises

Tbh, I find the uniqueness in her design above all others to be in her grey, dusty blonde hair. In a rainbow palette of hair colours and big badonkers, UMP45 stands out for this reason. Her lovely long supple thighs and very cute flat belly just complete the look.

Her jacket is also giving me Carcano vibes... Y'know, since Cano said she designed both her and her sister's uniform with that big jacket sleeve thingy. I'm feeling the same energy here.

All in all a superb skin.

Where's Soul?

Where am I? I'm right here, abusing my powers to upload my opinions post hoc where no one can critique them and yell at me about how they are bad. 

Or, I completely forgot about this stuff but IRL is suffering, and then wrote a small essay instead. For those who are not interested in seeing me look like a clown, you can safely leave the page now. For those interesting in my pseudo-intellectual nonsense filtered through the experience of doing marching band, continue. 

Normally this is the part where I’d write a diatribe about each skin, but frankly my brain is dead, and I’ve been focused on non-GFL stuff…and this isn’t the one I really want to rant about, because I have opinions about the AR team’s marching skins and instrument choices. Anyway.

First and foremost, I’m going to say that it’s extremely strange, and I mean extremely strange, is that 404 is Drumline, because Drumline is extremely, and I mean extremely not quiet, subtle, or anything relating to how 404 typically operates. Thematically this is very confusing, which is doubly weird when you consider how generally thematic skins can be, and if you want to go nose first into stereotypes, don’t really fit with any member of 404 on a personality level.

I’ll temporarily single out G11 who goes from crying because she’s playing quads to being equally salty about getting a bass drum instead in her damaged art, which is just weird because she’s the only one who changed instruments, and is also a bit weird just on the whole. Then again, based on her art, it’s quite possible they’re trying to use the same drum carrier for quads as 9 is using for a snare (PS, don’t just fasten a snare drum around your waist, I’m pretty sure this will murder your back), and both G11 and 9 should be very upset about this. One this note, the carriers all of them are using for drums are a bit weird, 9’s being the worst offender, but 9/45’s are probably fine just a style I haven’t seen much.

In terms of the general uniform designs, point number 1. Jesus [long censored phrase] don’t march in actual heels. Without getting far into the weeds about the mechanics of marching, trying to do it in heels, even short ones like 45’s is not going to make for a good time. Granted this doesn’t apply as much to this bunch, because they are percussion, but it still upsets me somewhat. If I wanted to get really into the weeds, the fact there are differences in uniforms shouldn’t be a thing, because the point of marching uniforms is to be, well, uniform, but if they were actually uniform then we wouldn’t have a skin batch, so I’ll passively grumble, but accept it.

The uniforms themselves are honestly fine enough, although I would lean on 45’s actual pants over skirts are being more ‘accurate’ or something, but I like the design with the skirt so it’s all good. The overcoat/jacket things they all have are a neat aesthetic choice, if imo, slightly annoying to actually march in. 45 with a saber is, well, but also not odd. So insert a shrug emote here.

Color Scheme is good, Red/Black with gold accents works well for the uniforms, even if it will boil you alive when wearing it. Final conclusion on general uniform design, 7.8/10, to much water.

Actual thoughts per character, lightning round.

40: Butt. Legs. Seriously though, she’s cute, I’m am established sucker for thigh highs, overall good skin.

45: I am disappointed that she doesn’t pull the sword in her damaged art. Her not wearing an undershirt like the rest is strange, but she’s either marching the same size, or the size under bass as 40, which is good and cute, and so fine.

9: If anyone on 404 is playing snare it is 9, so fitting. Everyone already hit the points about this being a UMP9 skin in every way, so that’s fine. Nice boots.

416: Not really the type to play cymbals imo, but otherwise the skin is good. Boots are completely ridiculous but I like them, and I like 416 and she’s cute, so sure, roll with it. Also the crown is cool. 416/10.

G11: Most thoughts already thought, but I’d like to point out that she rifle is massive in that damaged art. Also the hat is honestly to small should be big enough to wear properly. Also those hats, ant he plumes, super suck and I hate them.


This concludes your regularly scheduled Soulmuse. Please tune in next time for more useless, pedantic nonsense couched in all the smug satisfaction of a person who died inside 10 years ago and it continuing by the force of pure spite.