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3/09 update: Added the Ranking Guide.

2/23 update: Added infographics showing which objective leads to which route. 

2/22 update: Added the pacifist ranking guide.

2/18 update: Added the hidden achievement list. 

The major story event Continuum Turbulence (CT) picks up immediately after the events of Singularity, spanning three chapters.

  • Chapter 1 follows the Commander and the remains of Griffin.
  • Chapter 2 follows two members of the AR team we have not yet heard from.
  • Chapter 3 brings us back to Team DEFY, directly after Singularity's final events. 


Continuum Turbulence implements the backtracking mechanic, which is mostly used for storytelling purposes. Each chapter features a number of branching paths, indicated by maps with multiple possible objectives (clear methods). Depending on which clear method is used, a different path is taken.

When Commanders reach the end of a ‘route’, they will need to backtrack. This does not reset their clear progress, but will reset the branching nodes so that the player can attempt clearing the other route to continue the story.

In total, CT features thirty stages, of which a total of thirteen have multiple clear options. 43 total map clears will be required to finish the entire event - in other words, reading through the entire story and reaching the True End

Tip: Because the "Bad End" maps still give clear rewards, players should aim for 100% completion by finishing every route. There's no reason to avoid the bad endings because you are intended to clear them and backtrack!

Generally speaking, the simpler objective will lead to the bad endings. You can always backtrack to unlock the other ending, so you don't need to worry about clear order (as long as you finish every map eventually). 

Unlike CN, there is no penalty for backtracking; you can spam it as much as you want if you aren't sure whether you need to backtrack or not. 

Event Rewards

Clear Rewards

New Enemies

Continuum Turbulence introduces two new factions to the battle, the mysterious Paradeus, and ELIDs. Each faction brings with it new enemies, many of which feature new abilities and require in battle control of units to defeat. 

Enemy Skills Description



A standard enemy with offensive stats similar to SF Rippers, but Strelets are much tankier in comparison.

They deal low damage per hit and have low accuracy.



Rodeleros are lightly armored enemies that move at a normal speed. Are often shielded.

Once in range, Rodeleros will charge up then leap to the horizontally closest T-Doll, launching a laser that damages the entire row the T-Doll is in.

The laser is easily dodged and can be baited by moving a T-Doll to the front column, causing all Rodeleros to fire on that T-Doll's row.


Missile Barrage

Doppelsöldners, also known as "doppels" or "gundams", are slow-moving and heavily armored enemies who are often shielded.

Their regular attacks are missiles that deal AoE damage multiplied by the number of target dummy links, so a 20 damage missile will deal 100 damage to a 5-link T-Doll.

To make matters worse, their devastating Skill can activate 10 seconds after battle start, where the Doppelsöldners fire a barrage of missiles at pretty much the entire player side of the field for huge amounts of damage. Doppelsöldners are extremely dangerous if not dealt with in a timely manner.




Uhlans are armored tanks that behave a lot more like real tanks than the KCCO Typhons seen in Singularity. Are often shielded.

Uhlans move slowly and have a fairly negligible normal attack, but they have two very powerful skills.

Ramming (6s ICD): Targets two tiles in front of itself then literally runs over the targeted area, dealing massive damage to any T-Dolls caught in the AoE.

Blast (10s ICD): Launches 2 missiles with 1.5 radius, dealing massive damage to any T-Dolls caught in the AoE.

Two new Bosses are also introduced in CT. Referred to as Black and White Nyto on account of their coloring, they will be covered in detail when they appear. 

Enemy structures (Emplacements) also debut during CT. Three types currently exist:

Anti-Air Turret: Prevents nearby helipads from being used. 

Command Tower: Increases the Combat Effectiveness of nearby enemy helipad spawns. 

Artillery: Supports enemy echelons in range like a HOC and bombards your units. 

These can be destroyed either by HOC Bombardment from afar or via walking an Echelon onto the node it occupies. 

Heavy Ordnance Corps

While the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, this is their first real chance to shine, with some maps effectively requiring their usage to complete.

HOCs are invaluable during CT to deplete Paradeus shields, and in some cases used to destroy enemy emplacements. For both of these purposes, BGM-71 is the ideal unit, and Commanders should focus on training her before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs will assume the usage of BGM-71 unless otherwise specified. Even players with unleveled HOCs can expect good results if their echelons are strong enough, although leveling your HOCs via EXP Training is highly recommended. 

All Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by defeating any enemy BOSS unit in an event stage. The recommended farming map is included in the All-in-One Farming Guide

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Quick Analysis Contracts, 4 unique furnitures, along with the usual offerings of Quick Production, Quick Repair, T-Doll and Equipment Contracts, Resources, Enhancement Capsules, and more.

All Commanders can farm 60 Supply Boxes per day easily; as these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm this daily as the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. 


See M82A1's full analysis on her character page linked below. 

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

The limited drops in Continuum Turbulence are extremely lucrative; while Python is certainly a must-farm, the numerous other T-Dolls available are well worth getting a copy of.

For more information on effective farming, please check out the All-in-One Farming Guide!

Hidden Achievements

Several hidden achievements are available in Continuum Turbulence. 

Clear the map without deploying a HOC.

Cause the hostage to die. (Rescuing the hostage with a Dummy Echelon then suiciding/retreating it will work)

Kill the enemy Uhlan (tank). 

Cause KCCO defection.

This can be achieved by stepping on the ? nodes at the east side of the map.

Hurricane Rescue (Ranking Map)

Rescue the full-HP hostage without participating in a single battle. (Pacifist ranking run)


Continuum Turbulence features a ranking stage "Hurricane Rescue" with unique rewards such as the Fireworks Fairy and G41’s Special Equipment, the Hi-Performance Tactical Hair Accessory.

Most players should at least attempt the ranking stage once for the free Gems in the participation rewards, and players who make a serious attempt should have no problem reaching the score cutoffs necessary for the special equipment, even if their teams are relatively weak. 

CT Ranking Pacifist Run Guide

Want ranking rewards but don't have the teams? No problem! You can acquire a sizable sum of points without any fighting by following this pacifist ranking guide by Ceia.

If you do it well, you may even be eligible for the 50% cutoff!

Featured Stream

Prolific ranker and GFL EN guide writer Ceia will be rushing to the Ranking Stage of Continuum Turbulence on day 1! Check out his stream below if you happened to luck into this article while it's ongoing. 

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