[CN] Girls' Frontline 4th Anniversary Live Stream

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Live Translations

The MICA Team Girls' Frontline 4th Anniversary Live Stream is now airing! You can check out the YouTube translation restream on Ceia's channel below: 

For live text translation coverage, please see the below document from Jetroyz

Girls' Frontline II: Exile

The story takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070. The security contractor Griffin was dismembered by the government because he was too strong. The commander left Griffin and led a group of humanoids active between the polluted area and the purification area. The story begins with a transportation commission. The commander's escort convoy was attacked on the way back from the contaminated area. The box as the commission was also robbed. After a series of battles, the commander recaptured the box, and saw the mysterious girl hidden in the box, and then began to suffer successive attacks. The principal and the mysterious girl, whose identity cannot be verified, are constantly encountering new enemies, and continue to hang over the commander like a suspense. And the conspiracy behind this will be gradually revealed in the game.

"Girls' Frontline II: Exile" is a strategy RPG mobile game that is in full 3D with ACG style.

The game uses the next generation of second-generation art rendering style combined with pbr + npr technology, with American war chess as the core gameplay, with a rich collection of formation and interactive elements.

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

【Character: Exquisite and Unique Together】
The next generation of humanoid figures with professional characteristics are waiting for your instructions. Search for their figures, expand the size of the "Exile" team, diversify your favorite humanoids, help them break through the shackles of their minds, and even explore their unknown past-hey, this is only for you Secret.

【Combat: Coexistence of Strength and Strategy】
With exquisite scene design and character creation, the innovative combat mode draws the essence of Roguelike. Taking risks and meeting strong enemies, or being cautious and careful step by step, carefully planning the overall layout, or adapting to the time and adapting to the times, there is more than one path to victory. Group the humanoids, skillfully use the fetter bonus, deploy the lineup reasonably, and leave the rest to the "exiles".

【Construction: Both fun and function】
The material harvested during the adventure is a weapon to build and upgrade the "oasis" of the new homes of the "exiles". Please construct the city, upgrade the building, decorate the dormitory according to your preferences, and obtain rich resources and powerful bonuses. Before the next departure, I hope you and your favorite figures can enjoy half a day here.

Girls' Frontline: Glitch

"Girls' Frontline: Glitch" is the new game under the "Girls' Frontline" worldview.

A tactical girl HK416 from the mercenary squad "404”. During the execution of a secret mission, the helicopter fell due to inexplicable electronic interference waves,near a small town abandoned by radiation. Here she encountered a group of refugees who were too late to escape, as well as the former iron-blooded researcher who had disappeared long ago and Thunderbolt beside her. M870, who also were maintaining order here. Various visual and contradictory feelings and their own considerations made HK416 decide to help them complete a plan ...

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery

"Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery" is an orthodox strategy game developed by the MICAteam mica group. The game background takes place in the near future, and the world is split into two sides due to the new world war. Known as the "second cold war." In "Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery" in order to compete for cutting-edge technology that can change the pattern of war, the conflict between the emerging "Antarctic Federation" and the "Roxatist League of States" formed by the old powers is It is unfolding around the world.