Christmas 2022 Event Guides: "One Coin Short"

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The One Coin Short Event will begin on Jan. 4rth after maintenance!


Surprise! It's Christmas in the new year! 

While the timing is rather strange, we are getting the newest seasonal event from older servers, fresh off its original run. Like many seasonal events, this one is extremely easy, more so than any even prior, as even a player who started the game on its first day can complete the event day one. 

All you need are a few Dummy Echelons and some patience. 

This time the shop features one Costume, for FNC, shown below. 

Additionally, Px4 Storm has a Special Equip in the shop.

  • This unique Suppressor provides up to +25 Evasion and +20 Crit Rate to Px4.

Other shop items include the usual Tokens, Combat Reports, and Cheesecakes, alongside an ID Card Background, Icons, and Dorm Furniture.

As is the case with Halloween, the Sangvis Ferri enemies changed into seasonal outfits, with Guards and Dinergates now wearing Christmas-themed skins.

Players can clear the event stages daily to receive Christmas Coin currency, for use in an event shop featuring a variety of goodies that are useful for Commanders of all types.

FNC Skin:

Raise the Christmas Elf



Event Stages & Clear Guides

This event can be easily completed by all Commanders within its duration, requiring only some patience to let fights run, and a few Dummy Echelons! 

Farming Guides

All farming routes are viable without the use of fairies, though fairy usage may lower the requirements for some maps significantly, so feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

We will be updating the maps with team recommendations for each map over the next few days.
For this event, the Should you Farm has been added on to each Clear Guide, alongside the farming routes. For those not concerned with Spoilers, Just farm everyone except Cx4 Storm, if you don't have them. If you do, Farm another P22 unless you don't dupe. Any questions?

...Wait, there's no Should You Farm page for this event? But I made you this nice thumbnail for it!!... :(((

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