Christmas 2022 E1-4: Cherry Blossom Snowfall

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture a Hidden Radar

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  NPC only

Clear Steps

Heads up everyone, MICA has continued the recent trend of simply adding the farming routes to the maps after the first clear. While this is very nice for players, it is not nice for guide makers, because the new routes will add additional AP to the maps. If you are clearing these maps for the first time you may have less AP than the images in this guide. This is fine, follow the guide and you should see no issues.

Turn 1


Move FP-6 up two nodes.

Turn 2


Move FP-6 to the right one node.

Turn 3


Move FP-6 to the left one node, then down two nodes. 

Turn 4


Move FP-6 to the right one node. Go get a snack while the fight runs. 

Turn 5


Move FP-6 down one node. End your turn.

Turn 6


Move FP-6 up one node, then right three nodes. Remove the pile of presents.

Turn 7


Move FP-6 down one node. 


Move back up one node, then to the right one node, revealing the radar. 


Move up one more node to capture the Radar.


The lower route has weaker enemies, so newer players will likely prefer it. Drop rates have not been tested at this time, and may be higher on the upper route.

Should You Farm?


Rounding out a stacked farming lineup for this Christmas is R93, an incredibly strong Self-buffing RF. Armed with fantastic base stats, R93 can hold her own on these grounds alone, but combines them with a potent Skill that passively buffs her Rate of Fire the longest she shoots at the same target, with a 5/8 ICD/CD Damage buff. These traits allow R93 to compete with and exceed the performance of other top tier RFs, and in a larger variety of situations teammates. 

Farming R93 is therefore highly recommended.

Video Guides:

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