Christmas 2022 E-2: Heavy Metal and Tender Wood

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Help Suomi give CDs to all Dolls. 

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

As with E-1, if you have fewer AP than the images below, do not be alarmed, these screenshots were made after completing the map and opening the farming maps.

Turn 1


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post. Move the Suomi NPC to the right one node and down one node. Collect the pile of presents, and then deliver the CD. 


Move the Suomi NPC to the left one node, then deliver the next CD.

Turn 2


Move the Dummy Echelon to the right one node then up one node. Collect the pile of presents.


Move the Suomi NPC up one node, then SWAP with your Dummy Echelon. Move Suomi to the right one more node, and delivery a CD. 


Move Suomi to the left two nodes. Delivery the CD. 


Move Suomi up one node. Deliver the CD, and end the map!


The lower route has weaker enemies, so newer players will likely prefer it. Drop rates have not been tested at this time, and may be higher on the upper route.

Team Recommendations coming soon.

Should You Farm For P22?
Soul, I think they need more than that.

Fair fair. 

Everything we have ever said about P22 on this site continues to hold true. She is incredibly powerful, a game-changing Doll in every respect. She fits into so many teams without any significant effort and will do her job flawlessly. Supporting the DPS and the tanks in one Doll is incredible value, and should not be ignored by anyone. 

Now that we have that in mind, should you farm P22 here instead of in the Isomer campaign where she is always available? 


This map has 5 Checks per run, compared to 2-3 per run in Isomer, and will also auto end using planning mode with much lower requirements for the run, making this a much easier, and more accessible farm for everyone. 

As such, unless you already have what you consider to be enough P22s, or you simply do not have time due to IRL obligations, farming P22 is extremely encouraged.

Video Guides:

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