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Much like the Halloween Event that came to GFL EN two months ago, this Christmas Event "A Snowy Night Capriccio" features four full stages of varying difficulty with a unique farmable drop in each, as well as its own unique short story. Check out the official trailer below!

This time the shop features two Costumes, one for OTs-44, and one for Honey Badger

Additionally, both RFB and 100 Shiki receive a Special Equipment in this event shop.

  • RFB's Special Equipment is the RFB-Quad Rail, which replaces a standard Optical Sight and gives +48% Critical Rate and +18% Critical Damage, making it an excellent daytime Accessory. 
  • 100 Shiki's Special Equipment is a Folding Stock, which replaces a standard Suppressor while offering a massive +25 Evasion and +20% Critical rate.

These will possibly enter the Expedition shop at some point in the future, but it is recommended to pick them up now as we do not know when they will return. 

Other shop items include the usual Tokens, Combat Reports, and Cheesecakes, alongside an ID Card Background, Icons, and Dorm Furniture.

As is the case with Halloween, the Sangvis Ferri enemies changed into seasonal outfits, with Guards and Dinergates now wearing Christmas-themed skins.

Players can clear the event stages daily to receive Star Ornament currency, for use in an event shop featuring a variety of goodies that are useful for Commanders of all types.

Event Stages & Clear Guides

This event can be easily completed by all Commanders within its duration. The stages start off very easy, scaling up to eventually offer a decent challenge by the final map. A new Commander who takes advantage of the New Player Career Quest Rewards will have no trouble clearing the entire event before it ends.

Farming Guides

Check out the All-In-One Farming Guide featured above!

All farming routes are viable without the use of fairies, though fairy usage may lower the requirements for some maps significantly, so feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

Daily Star Ornament Farm

For those looking to farm their daily 60 Star Ornaments, simply follow the clear guide for 1-1: Sangvis Orphan. This map can be cleared via planning mode, making farming a breeze.

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