Chapter 13-4E: Immemorial IV

Article by Arumia
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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Defeat every Enemy in 4 turns

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2-3RFHG
  • 2 ARSMG (DPS ARs Recommended against large amounts of Orthrus)
  • 0-1 Dummy
  • 1 HOC (2B/AGS/M2)
  • Strong SF if needed

Clear Steps

Turn 1


Deploy 2 RFHG Echelons and move the one on the Heavy Heliport down one node, then deploy a HOC on the Heavy Heliport.


Move the RFHG Echelon on the Command Post up-right one node and deploy ARSMG Echelon.
End your turn.

Turn 2


Move the ARSMG Echelon up-left one node.


Deploy another ARSMG Echelon on the Command Post and move it down-left one node, switching with your HOC, then move the upper RFHG Echelon up-right two nodes.


Move your 1st ARSMG Echelon down-left one node, after that move your 2nd ARSMG Echelon up one node, switching with your HOC and then down-right one node.


Move your 2nd ARSMG down once more.
End your turn.

Turn 3


Deploy a Dummy or another Combat Echelon if you need.

Move your 2nd ARSMG Echelon up two nodes and then down-left three nodes, switching through your other Echelons.


Move your RFHG Echelon on the Heavy Heliport up one node, up-left two nodes and then up right. (or any Echelon in range that can still fight armored Enemies)

End your turn to beat the Mission.

There is a little bit of RNG here, if the last Enemies moved to other nodes, just go there and defeat them, other than that you have 1 more turn for the S-Rank, so don’t worry, you can defeat them on the next turn if needed.

You can also watch the Clear video as an example of what to do.

Video Guides:

Next Chapter:

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