Chapter 13-1: Stay in Position

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Defeat 4 Enemies and Capture the Enemy Command Post in 6 turns.

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations:  

  • 1 RFHG 
  • 1 SF Dummy
    • This Echelon must be SF, due to deployment limits. 

Clear Steps

Turn 1


Deploy 1 G&K Echelon on the Command Post and 1 SF Echelon on the Heliport.
Move your G&K Echelon on the Command Post up three nodes.
End your turn.

Turn 2


Move your G&K Echelon down three nodes and right one node.


Deploy a HOC (2B/M2/AGS) on the Heavy Heliport.
End your turn.

Turn 3


Move your G&K Echelon left one node and up three nodes, switching with your HOC.
End your turn.

Turn 4


End turn.

Turn 5


Use the Cannon to destroy the top rubble.


Move your SF Echelon up one node, right one node, up two nodes, right one node and then up one node.
End your turn to beat the Mission.

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