Chapter 12-3: The Philosophy of Killing

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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Gold: Defeat 4 Enemies
Silver: Defeat the Gladiator marked by a Silver Star

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG
    • Nothing special required, just a standard ARSMG is fine
  • 2 Dummies
  • AGS / Any HOC that has at least 3 range and a bit of pierce

Clear Steps

Node Spaghetti! How exciting. 

Actually, despite appearances, this map is extremely easy. Don't mind the massive CE on the Gladiator, we have a secret weapon to defeat it that I'm sure veterans of many older events will remember, and can likely already guess. Everything else about this map is just a long, slow walk to victory. We at Gamepress highly recommend planning mode. 

Turn 1


Deploy your ARSMG Combat Echelon.
Make sure to resupply and move it up-left one node, then down one node (not back onto the Command Post).


Deploy a Dummy and move it up-left one node, then down-left one node.


Deploy another Dummy and move it up-left one node, then end your turn.

Turn 2


Move the leftmost Dummy down-left two nodes, down-right one node and then right one node, onto the Remote.


Use combination D (4th Button) on the Remote to open the top and right Gate.


Move your uppermost Dummy Echelon down-left three nodes onto the closed Heliport. 


Move your Combat Echelon up four nodes and left one node, then end your turn.

Turn 3


Move your Combat Echelon down-left one node, up-left two nodes, left one node, down-left one node, up-left one node switching with the Hostage. Then pick up the Hostage while moving down-right three nodes onto the top Gate.
Now end your turn to bait the Gladiator.

Turn 4


Move your Combat Echelon down-right onto the right Gate and end your turn to bait the Gladiator onto the top Gate.

Turn 5


Move your Combat Echelon down-right one node, up-right one node, up-left one node and then swap with the Hostage.


Complete the rescue of the Hostage you are carrying and resupply. 


Move your Combat Echelon left one node, picking up the Hostage.
Deploy AGS on the now free Heavy Heliport. Any HOC with 3 Range and decent pierce can be used, but AGS is probably best choice for this. 


Once again operate the Remote your 1st Dummy is standing on.
Open and close the Gate repeatedly, dealing damage to the Gladiator each time.

Then use Combination D (4th Button) to open the top and right Gate again.

Having a goof about squishing things with gates.

Our old friend the Gate Squish returns. Repeat until the Gladitator's CE stops going down. This will take a while. 


Move your Combat Echelon up-left one node, then down-left one node to fight the Gladiator. This will give you your 4th Enemy kill for an S-Rank. AGS will probably murder the Gladiator alone, as they will be at single digit HP and as soon as AGS chips off shields they will kill him. Fun huh? 

Then move down-right two nodes, up-right one node, up-left one node and right one node, switching with AGS. Retrieve the final hostage and complete the map. 

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