Chapter 11-4E: Great Escape

Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture Command Post

S-Rank Condition: 5 Kills in 5 Turns

Thank you to @Owls#1086 for help with Clear Condition Translations

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 4 Combat Echelon
    • 1 Capable of Doppel Fighting
  • 1 Friend Echelon
    • Does not fight, serves as Uhlan Bait. 

Clear Steps

11-4E ends on a bit of a doozy. Yet more Uhlan deathstacks are on the prowl, with a smattering of Gundams and other fun enemies about the place. Fortunately, a few strategically placed Radar’s about the map help to keep things from getting out of hand, either by changing the AI of the Gundams, or flat out removing them from the map. While HOC can be deployed, it is not time effective to bring one all the way across the map so avoid the Uhlans, even the weaker one on the Command Post. It still sports maxed out Sheilds.

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on both the Command Post and Heliport. Make sure the upper Echelon can fight a Gundam without assistance. 


Move the Combat Echelon on the Command Post down-left, down, and right. 


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move down-right one node. 


Deploy a Final Combat Echelon on the Command Post, and move straight down. 


Deploy a friend Echelon on the Command Post. Set them to Standby, they will not be fighting.

Turn 2


The Upper Combat Echelon should move down-left, down two nodes, left one node, and then move down again to engage the Gundam. With that dead, move left, down, left, and up onto the Radar. This will change the AI of the Uhlan’s in the central ring, allowing you to proceed. 


Move back down two nodes. 


Swap the Friend Echelon into the position shown, straight down off the Command Post. Move the Echelon you swapped onto the Command Post left-down and down again. 


Move the other Combat Echelon up onto the Command Post, then down again on the other side of the Friend Echelon. We need the friend squad to remain in this location to bait an enemy later on. 

Turn 3


Send the primary Combat Echelon down one node, left two node, then up three nodes to destroy the Anti-Air Tower, and Capture the Heliport underneath it.

End your turn.

Turn 4


Move right, up, up-right avoiding the Uhlan, and then right onto the Radar. That’d get rid of the Deathstack Uhlans. 


Move back up-left, then down-left, left twice more to the Rodel, and then up. 


Deploy another Echelon, which should move left, up, and left once again. This will surround the Command Post and end the mission. 

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