April Fools - 'Fractured Connexion' Girls Frontline x Arknight Collab Should You Farm?

Time to answer the obligatory question of, who are the limited drops for this event? As always, we will have the Drop welfare system to ease the farming pain, so the only question remaining is the question of what value do the drops have, or are we merely farming thousands of medals to acquire more and more cake. 

Hey, Soul, come here a sec...

Uh...sure? Just a sec, apparently something's up. 

A few minutes later....

Right, sorry about that, apparently there's been a bit of a mix-up in communication and we got sent a large pile of 'Oathriginium' instead of the official drop list image...? While I have no idea what that means, I have been provided the Drop list, so on we go!



M16 is the least useful member of the AR team, with her strange AR-tank niche. While the ability to equip both Armor and an Exoskeleton is nice and allows M16 to be used as the Tank on corpse dragging runs for early game Commanders, or by late-game players against Sterlets/ELID hordes, this niche is not one that is likely to be used by more than one Echelon at a time. Her Stun Grenade Skill doesn't help matters, as the number of unstunable enemies in the game is rising, and M16's durability falls proportaionally. In general, M16 is not a worthwhile dupe as a result. 



EN community darling, and AR-team resident madwoman, M4 SOPMOD II occupies an uncomfortable niche in modern GFL. A Grenadier AR with a Neural upgrade has two eventual. Be HK416 and everything the Commander needs for farming 12-4e, or be every other German grenade AR and languish in obscurity. SOPMOD manages to avoid the second fate, but can't quite rise to the level of the first. While SOPMOD stays relevant as a secondary dragger for 12-4E, and has seen some usage in ranking maps as a swarm clearer against ELIDs or Sterlets, her long ICD has a tendency to put the rest of the Echelon in unnecessary danger. Although her Neural Upgrade Skill, Friezied Circus can help mitigate Grenade targetting issues, she cannot be used with M4A1, due to a bug that limits the cluster grenades.

Overall, SOPMOD isn't likely to be worth duping except for those truly dedicated to her. 



RO635, hereafter RO for sake of my typing ability, is objectively one of the best main tank SMGs in the game. Featuring a fantastic stat-line, and a Skill to match, RO arrives on the scene in Chapter 6, and when Dual Randomness comes to EN, will get a Neural Upgrade that further improves her tanking abilities, even in longer battles, and also allows her to apply M4's Mod Skill debuff, Mark of the Avenger because she can. Prior to that, however, RO is 'stuck' with a strong defensive statline, and the Mental Deterrence Skill, where she weakens all enemies by means of screaming at them very very loudly. Questionably useful on SOPMODs, highly effective on Sangvis. While there is less demand for SMG tanks in modern GFL, a second RO is likely still a worthwhile pickup for many Commanders. 

ST AR-15


Arguably the second-highest priority Neural Upgrade target in the game, alongside one of the strongest DPS ARs, AR-15 offers incredible value in a single Doll. Able to handle all of her RoF buffing needs herself, she can be slotted into a wide variety of teams and hold her own in DPS without difficulty. While the need to farm a second copy of her .300 Blackout is annoying, AR-15 brings enough to the table to make the investment in raising a full second copy extremely worthwhile. So long as you are willing to dupe Dolls, AR-15 is an extremely valuable pickup. 



And, rounding out the AR-team is M4A1. One of the best ARs in the game, capable of team support with her tile buffs, a strong self-buff, and a game-changing neural upgrade, M4A1 is a must-farm for anyone who is willing to dupe Dolls. While she does require some care and attention to bring out her best, M4 plays a pivotal role in any Commander's armory from the moment she joins, and gaining a second copy of her is an easy upgrade to combat performance. 

For a more detailed breakdown of how to use M4A1's Neural upgrade, please consult the article below!

Listen, if you don't understand the value of multiple M4 autocannons, then I can't help you. 





At last, the long-lost sister reunited with her comrades, here to bring ever-increasing explosive fueled destruction. While her personal abilities are impressive, a massive single target Grenade, those pale in comparison to her synergy with her would-be sisters.

Clocking in with the longest skill description in the game by several hundred words, Jill puts even the complicated Jill to shame, gaining and providing unique effects depending on which AR team members she is fielded with. This range from moderately useful, as with RO, whose debuff is extended and W's Skill provides an additional HP shield, to the positively insane, such as when paired with M4A1, where W pivots into an Evasion based tank and provides M4 with an exceptionally large fire rate boost for good measure, or SOPMOD, where W steals ideas from KSVK mod, laying down devastating AoE firepower, before carpet bombing the field, and enabling SOPMOD to delivery even further grenade based destruction. When paired with AR-15 she provides AR-15 with percentage-based damage and applies Mark of the Avenger, and M16's grenade layers debuffs upon debuffs, while allowing W to apply stun rampantly. And, for the absolute mad, W can be combined with multiple AR team members for stacking effects.

The only downside to this insanity is that the GFL client is likely not prepared to handle such power, and while W will doubtlessly allow you to defeat a great many foes you might not otherwise, she is equally likely to cause the client to meltdown while attempting to keep pace with her combat prowess. Commanders should be wary not to stretch too far, lest W's incredible power overwhelm them. 

Farming Guides

Apparently, Ceia has been kidnapped by Genshin, so I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a few days for farming guides. I'm running as fast as I can, but sleep is a must, so please bear with me as we get everything sorted out!
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