2.09 Client Update: New Features


On this month's Roadmap, it was announced that we'd be getting the 2.09 client update, which brings some long-awaited features, such as Equipment Index, as well as other various QoL improvements.

While performance wise, it seems to be only marginally better than 2.08 (guess we'll have to wait for significant improvements on that front after CN gets client 3.00), starting a game is now easier than ever thanks to numerous improvements for beginners, including a free Parachute Fairy for everyone!

Now there's no excuse to complain about Para fairy being used in clear guides

2.09 is also expected to fix the sound bug that plagues iOS clients, which was originally expected to be fixed by a 2.081 patch.

All in all, 2.09 is an update that does more to GFL than the others updates since 2.06 has done.

For the unlucky Shikikans, like me, who Carcano M91/38 avoids like the plague, we finally can acquire her through the Beginner's Anchor, which new and old Commanders can benefit from!

As announced in the Twitter, the client is expected to arrive at June 21st. Maintenance is expected to last a while, so remember to spend your energies and send your echelons on long Logistics!

Post Update Notices and Addendums:

With the update now officially live, there are a variety of bugs and notices that have appeared. When these are fixed, or updates are provided we will add them here. 

Major issues

First, the big one. There is no double yield on regular sims, only the SF Sims. 


Double regular sim was implemented in the following week, so we expect further sim events to run as intended.

Second: At the moment, the training battle for the Parachute Fairy is bugged, and will simply load forever. We will update this page when this is fixed. 


Parachute Fairy bug has been fixed

Third: AR-15 and SOPMOD have had their Special Equipment upgraded, however the Equipment card has not been. 

Other issues:

A bug on IOS where sound breaks when switching apps has not been fixed.


IOS bug was fixed hours after the client went live.

Defense Fairy has not been updated to it's new state. 


MICA announced Defense Fairy rework will arrive on June 28th maintenace.

Facing an AI does not count for the Dailies in Luffberry Chess. 


It seems that idling too long will make a message saying "Too much time has elapsed, you cannot gain gachapon tickets from this game." message. So it's possible to farm using AI, just not AFK farming.

Luffberry Chess will occasionally freeze


Patched up with a minor in-game update.

Talent Reset on Fairies does not work, which is a shame


Doesn't seem like it'll ever return.

The Black Market Quest that refers to Special Combat Reports actually tracks Enhancement Pills.

All sorting is reversed from its default (Ascending is now defaulted instead of Descending). This bug has appeared on foreign and was fixed. Why it made it to EN, we cannot say. 

Currently known bugged career quests:

- "craft 10 CRs" should be "craft CRs 10 times"

- The quest to "Clear normal 4-3" with C96 and 85 CRs as a reward is actually for 4-1

- The quest to "Clear normal 5-3" with Springfield and 360 CRs as a reward is actually for 5-4

If you find other major issues, please let us know and we will update them here.

Additional changes not mentioned in patchnote

MICA has finally fixed the cursed popup box that appeared whenever fairies/T-Doll/equipment armory was full. It now has the option to buy slots, dismantle them or use them as fodder:

All filters now have an option to filter by unlocked/locked (that includes equipment, T-Dolls, enemies, Coalition Units, etc). Very very convenient to have when looking at who's keeping you from having 100% T-Doll index:

Fairy talent filters was added after all:

Equipment index

In equipment index, there are entries to equipment not yet obtainable as of 2.09 release (such as Ribeyrolles Mod SPEQ). It's unknown whether this is a bug, or intentional.

Anchor "rate-up"

BigStupidJellyfish (BSJ) managed to gather enough data on Anchor pulls to be able to run a statistical test against gfdb data (on standard rolls, not the optimised ones) pre 2.09 release. The conclusion of this test was that the Anchor pulls does not offer an increase on 5-star produced over regular production. 

Big thanks to BSJ for helping on that!

Kalina hearts

It's now possible to see whether you have collected or not Kalina hearts, for those looking at giving her TLC or getting the affection achievements.

New Career Quests

career quests


Yes, that means old Commanders will get the new stuff without redoing everything from the start. Old stuff already acquired cannot be earned again though.

Keep in mind that this rework also means new players have to do all the quests to progress to the next tier, so no getting your Uzi or MP5 if you skip doing some tier 1 quest (will still unlock though)

This includes Fwee Pawa Faiwy, as well as the change to the standard Commander Outfit going to tier 2 meaning the recommended way to unlock this now becomes either Anime profile background or making sure to grab a background from a Seasonal Event.

Article on how to acquire Free Parachute will come up soon:tm:

These career quests also include some Tutorials for various things, listed below:
Special Node Tutorial: One-Way Routes

Special Node Tutorial: Supply Points
T-Doll Tutorial: More on Gun Types

Special Node Tutorial: Random Nodes

Map Mechanism Tutorial: Switching Places

Special Node Tutorial: Limited-Time Heliports

Night Battle Tutorial: Night Battle Equipment

Night Battle Tutorial: Night Battle Field of Vision
Map Mechanism Tutorial: Capture By Encirclement

Battle Objective Tutorial: Maintaining Supply Lines

Battle Objective Tutorial: Rescuing Hostages

Special Node Tutorial: Special Trigger Nodes

Map Mechanism Tutorial: Checking Enemies' Movement Logic

HOC Tutorial: Destroying Force Fields

Map Mechanism Tutorial: Multi-Layer Maps

Fairy Tutorial: Combat Fairy Demonstration

Fairy Tutorial: Strategy Fairy Demonstration

Facility Tutorial: Air Defense Positions

HOC Tutorial: Destroying Facilities

Facility Tutorial: Control Terminals & Defense Gates

Facility Tutorial: Abandoned Goliaths & Rubbles

Facility Tutorial: Transformers, EMPs & EMP Grenades

Facility Tutorial: Portals

T-Doll Tutorial: Gun Types

Coalition Forces Tutorial: Actual Combat

Plus a pile of exams of various difficulties for each of these types (for example beginner, intermediate and final exams for Fairy use or Night Battles)

7-Day Login

7-Day Login is also getting changed, with Commanders getting a heckin' lot more resources (including even Oath Rings and tokens available on cheap gem packages) than we used to.

For details, check this spreadsheet.

Combat Simulation revamp

combat sim

One of the biggest changes (and arguably, something they should have done a long time ago), Combat Simulation will work significantly different from how it currently works.

Combat Sim will finally have a fixed amount of energy per day, of 12. Commanders no longer will need to log in twice a day to spend Combat Sim Energy.

Combat Sim Energy

The Combat Sim Energy is replenished to 12 every reset, so Commanders are highly recommended to spend them.

Combat Sim rotation

Moreover, Combat Sim is also taking a note from SF Sim: It no longer will rotate which sims are open, but rather will have all of them open everyday. However, unlike SF sim, they won't have rotating bonus.

Also, the previous "Open Sim Week" events will turn into "double yield" events

Defense Drill revamp

Defense Drill is getting a significant rework:

  • Cost reduced to 3
  • New waves added (up to 149). Do note that, as of this time in foreign, 148 and 149 is not meant to be cleared, and those who did it got banned for cheating
  • Beating wave 141 or more grants 74 Calibration Tickets
  • Commanders must beat at least one wave to get the Calibration Tickets
  • If we get Defense Drill the same way as foreign did, this includes a LOT of new enemies, including Grenadiers, Maccabees, Acesco’s Flasks, Hymnal Organs, Sentinels, which are not currently on EN

* Waves 121-130 are night battles. The rest are day time.
* Waves 138, 139, 144, and 146 have high-armored enemies.
* Wave 143 contains a Patroller (Strider).

EXP sim revamp

EXP sim now grants CRs instead of Combat experience, now making it an actual viable choice for those who won't bother or lack time to Corpse Drag.

Once Commanders unlock HOCs, SCR variant of EXP Sim will also be unlocked.

These are the new rewards per Sim level:

Level 1: 8 CRs

Level 2: 32 CRs

Level 3: 96 CRs

Combat Mission UI changes

Now in Combat Missions Commanders can read descriptions of the enemy units on the map. There is also a toggle to view the Skill information of an unit after long-clicking on it.

On KR client the Clear Conditions and Rank Conditions have been separated into two different tabs, making it more inconvenient for players. As there's no mention of this UI change in the Tweet, it's unsure if EN client will get this too.

However, given that there's little difference between foreign clients and EN ones, it's likely that we'll also get this.

Combat Features

A reset button was included (right next to the Retreat button). In tests with foreign client, it seems that this button also resets Fairy talent proc, which was something MICA removed from the game in a previous client update (resetting the client no longer reset talent proc).

More details on video.

You can change “slow down” when selecting a doll to “pause time”, this allows some very precise kiting.

Our lord and saviour, Ceia, has a tweet showcasing this:

Equipment Index

equp index

Pretty self explanatory for anyone acquainted with T-Doll Index, the Equipment Index is one of the long-awaited features in the game ever since T-Doll Index was first implemented.

It'll log every equipment Commanders have (normal and SPEQs) into the Index after 2.09 rolls out.

Do note that it'll only index equipment you already own, so don't scrap your SPEQs or other equipment before it!!!!!!!

Much like with T-Dolls, the cost to recover an equipment scales with rarity, although it's pretty cheap :

  • 100x4 for 2* PEQ
  • 160x4 for 5* 16Lab PEQ

The Equipment Index also shows a bunch of new information on equipment, such as:

  • Equipment count (no more manually counting these)
  • For SPEQs, each equipment has an chibi image of its owner
  • It's possible to check how to acquire the equipment
  • for SPEQs, it'll also show other SPEQs its owner can have (i.e. 9A-91 Ranking Scope will show she also can have Chip from the Login Event)

Apple has shown in their tweet images of those changes, linked below:

Fairy Update

Fairies will now be finally able to be filtered by talent (Calib feeders appreciate this).

Also, not mentioned in the Tweet, 2.09 is also expected to bring the Defense Fairy rework we didn't get because of incompatibility with 2.08 client (or so they say)

For details on how Defense Fairy will change, check this article we did when Fairy Rework was originally announced, linked below

Adjutant Upgrade

adjutant background

Also rather self-explanatory, we can now individually select a background for each Adjutant T-Doll in the Adjutant tab.

I can finally have 416 with GSG backyard and AUG with Epiphyllum field

Imagine not using Epiphyllum with everyone

Beginner's Anchor

Starter Anchor

Starting 2.09, every Commander, new and old, will have a Starter's/Beginner's Anchor, from which they can select 2 T-Dolls to acquire from a restricted pool:

New Commander Recommended T-Dolls

We highly recommend Commanders picking 416 and Carcano M91/38 "Grape", out of everyone, for the following reasons:

  1. 416 has one of the strongest MODs in the game, next to M4, and greatly benefits from even MOD 1
  2. While 416 may require FCCs, there are 15 easily accessible FCCs that new Commanders can acquire as they progress in the game, of which 5 can go to 416, 5 to RO635 and possibly 5 to Calico
  3. As for Grape, she is unanimously the best RF to deal with high HP enemies, which are extremely recurring after Singularity. Gundams, Hydras, beefy Manticores, Minotaurs, Gladiators, there's no short amount of beefy, non-elite enemies that Grape can make quick work, while every other existing bamboo RF would struggle to kill.
  4. Some may argue Lee/WA2000 is also an option, but being generalist RFs means they're easily replaceable, and content pre-Chapter 10 (which is when Grape actually is recommended to start being used) can be safely beaten with M14+whichever RF Commanders may end up acquiring (or even Springfield)
  5. Due to the limited nature of SMG use in recent content (which mostly amounts to MP5 Mod, G36C Mod, currently not in EN), there's no reason to pick any of the available SMGs
  6. On the other hand, Commanders get two of the best SMGs in the game, RO635 and UMP45, for free, through Career Quests and Main Quests
  7. Likewise, there's little reason to pick any of the ARs, when they're not often used (save for 416, because of how ridiculous her mod is)
  8. Commanders also get three very good ARs early on (M4, AR-15 and SOPMOD). While G11 Mod is pretty strong, it's not a game changer, as her Skill 2 shines the most against beefy enemies (which is where Grape shines too, but more)
  9. As for HGs, even though Calico is a strong RoF HG (with an even stronger Mod), she's still a HG, and so is very cheap to craft for.
  10. Also note that Commanders will likely craft for a lot of HGs, so that's another reason to not pick a HG.
  11. Lastly, while RPK-16 and PKP are good MGs, the best MGs (Kord and some others) are either farmable or not in the pool. Also, Commanders won't really need to use MGs until post Mirror Stage content

For the veteran folks, either pick a AK-15 and Grape dupe (cos AK-15 Mod is just as broken as Grape, so she's worth duping), or a Grape dupe and whoever you're missing (I have a hunch some will be missing P90, as she's a pain to acquire)

Or, you know, just dupe your waifus.

Rumour has that these Beginner Anchor rolls have an unusually high drop rate for 5 star T-Dolls, so Commanders are likely to get a good RF when rolling for Grape anyways, negating any benefit in rolling for Lee/WA2000.

100% Collapse Juice (Luffberry Chess)

Luffberry Chess Gachapon

New rewards here, reward gain stacks up to a certain amount so you only have to do games once a week, against ai works, against friends works (afaik).

TL;DR: Play time 1 minute = 5 cards (daily limit +100, maximum cumulative 700).

Ranking reward: 1st place +7, 2nd place +5, 3rd place +4, 4th place +? (No upper limit, matching only).

20 cards = 1 pull, guaranteed skin at 4500 cards used for pulls.

Season 1 only has the Z-62 skin, the other stuff is added in Season 2.

HOC updates

MICA has made a few updates to the UI to the HOC screen, including making it more obvious when you can 

They also added a built-in Chip calculator to the game. If for some reason, you do not trust the external HOC calc or don't want to use the external HOC Calc, it will produce a result, but that result will suck. Just use the external HOC calc, it will serve you better in every situation. 

We all been there: "wait, you can enhance HOCs?"

Mica made it more obvious now:

Below the plus sign it says "ENHANCE YOUR HOCs"

Base upgrades

skill evaluation


They also made many Ui changes, including:

Neural Upgrade skill preview can actually be previewed, supposedly.

Target Practice save slots increased, supposedly you can also set different battlefield effects and combat modes? Para debuff testing?

Achievements of the same type will be collapsible, Achievements for content not yet unlocked (HOC, Coalition, Fairies) will be hidden.

EXP Surplis cap is now at 960.000, instead of 240.000

Also changes to the profile and career quests interface (see video below)

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