Ruptured Sky

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Boost damage by 20% of foe's Atk. If in combat against dragon foe or beast foe, boost damage by 40% instead of 20%.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Excludes Staff, Dragon and Beast Units

Excludes Staff, Dragon and Beast Units

Skillsets that use skill

Nott Another Defense Mythic with Pathfinder (Aether Raids Defense)

The Power of God and Anime (Player Phase/Arena Scoring)

25ターンも待たずに済むとき。 (Arena Optimal)

This is the strength of the Holy Guard! (Max-Investment Arena)

“Can I copy your Hana?” “Sure, just don’t make it look too obvious” (Mixed Phase)

daaaad, big bro's dressing like a total weeb again (Arena Optimal / F!Edelgard Popper)

Blue Legendary Lilina (Aether Raids Defense)

King of Beating You Up in Arena (Arena)

Waiting for something to happen? (Aether Raids Defense)

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! (Aether Raids Defense)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Aether Raids Defense)

* teleports behind you * (Aether Raids Defense)

This Time I'm Leaving You Behind (Arena)

A Promise Unforgotten (Aether Raids Defense)

Begone with the Thunderclap (Aether Raids Defense)

У нас высокая статистика (Arena)

Milk Truk Impakkutto (Aether Raids Defense)

Wombo Chrombo (Player Phase Offensive)

Violet Syncopations (High-Investment / Arena Scoring Optimal)

Brave Bolero (Offensive Brave)

Flaming Fandango (Offensive Firesweep)

Clean Up Duty (Offensive Nuke)

Vindication (Max-Investment Arena)