Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

Skillsets that use skill

I miss my wife, Reginn. (AR Offense)

News of my death was greatly exaggerated. (General Use Player Phase)

Uhhh Idk Here’s a Filler Title (General Use)

Begone, foul miscreation. (Aether Raids Defense)

The Usual (Omnitank)

Khanqueror (Melee Punisher)

At least they waited to do a copy paste this time. (Offense)

It All Returns to Nothing (Player Phase Nuke)

Eh, Father. I’m trying to sneak around, but... I keep alerting the guards. (Player Phase Offense)

Shiro's Private Lessons At Work (Double-Hit Nuke / Ninja Naginata + Special Spiral)

We really gonna powercreep Bernadetta like this? (Offense)

My Brother Has Taught Me Something Of Swordplay (Base Kit)

Iron Blue Intention (Offense)

Fire Emblem Heroes Featuring not Eula from Genshin Impact (General use Player Phase)

better have spent a 3 month salary figure on that ring, chief (Brave Bow Nuke)

have you ever had a dream, um, that, um, that you— (General Offense / Damage Focus)

Do you really think I'd lose? (Special Spiral)

Shining Lights of Renais (Aether Raids Tank)

Go ahead, tap the Surrender button. (Aether Raids Defense)

Large and in charge! (Player Phase)

Hello, My Name is Inigo Mont— (Offensive Nuke)

The Gang’s All Here. (General Use Player Phase)

Defense Ignoring Specials


Defense-reducing specials are some of the most commonly used, thanks to their low cooldown and general effectiveness in the hands of most units. Moonbow weighs in at 30% defense/resistance ignore with a charge time of two. Luna requires three charges, but ignores 50%. Moonbow and Luna are decent choices for when you aren’t sure which special to use, but they are not the most effective choice for all units. A good rule of thumb is to assume that most units have around 28 defense, which makes Moonbow worth around eight to nine points of damage per procurement, and Luna around 14 damage. These specials grow in effectiveness the higher the opponent’s defense, being most effective on foes with high defense and resistance.


Moonbow’s low charge time means it can be activated in a single round of combat, provided someone strikes twice and the user strikes last. With a Quickened Pulse seal combined with a Brave weapon, Moonbow can be activated on the very first attack, making it a fantastic choice for those units. These specials also grow in effectiveness the lower the user’s attack is. Low attack, high speed units are the best candidates for Moonbow. Luna is a slightly stronger version, and is the better choice when not trying to trigger the special on round one. Moonbow’s short cooldown makes it a popular pairing with the Wo Dao, providing a ton of damage when the special activates.


Moonbow is often used as a catch-all special, and while it is certainly effective in the hands of nearly every unit, it is often not the best choice. While it is easy to activate and can secure some new KO’s, it does not grant the units much more power compared to other specials. Whereas, Ignis and Glacies can allow a unit to threaten nearly anything with a KO. Luna and Moonbow will deal pitiful damage to enemies who already have low defensive stats.