Should You Pull Mythic - Medeus: Earth-Dragon King Edition

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Medeus is a unit fans have been anticipating for years now, and he’s finally here as a Dark Mythic. But is he worth your orbs? Read on to find out. 

Medeus’s Value in Aether Raids

Medeus is a colorless infantry dragon Dark Mythic Hero. He enables the use of the seventh team slot on an Aether Raids Defense team, in addition to providing a boost of 5 HP and 3 Atk to Dark-blessed Heroes. As a unit, Medeus is defined largely by two unique abilities: Shadow Breath and Assured Rebirth, as well as the new inheritable C skill Canto Control. Shadow Breath provides some useful in-combat effects like decreasing his foe’s Atk and Res, but where it really stands out is in buffing Medeus himself and allies within two spaces with the En Garde status. This new effect prevents all sources of out-of-combat damage except for Area-of-Effect Specials like Blazing Wind. This effectively means that Medeus can shield his team from the Bolt Tower, Bolt Trap, and other similar effects, increasing the team’s bulk substantially. 

Medeus’s other unique skill, Assured Rebirth, provides a guaranteed follow-up attack and damage reduction effect based on Medeus’s Res, and additional damage reduction if he has staff or dragon allies nearby. Canto Control affects foes within 4 spaces, and limits the activation of Canto abilities such as Honorable Blade or Grim Brokkr: if the enemy has Range = 1, their Canto is restricted to 1 space; if they have Range = 2, their action ends when Canto triggers. This allows Medeus, and other units that inherit the skill, to prevent units like Yuri from KOing a unit and retreating freely. 

These effects combine to make Medeus a powerful addition to many defense teams, particularly those that are vulnerable to Bolt Tower or often lose to Canto. He is now one of the best Dark Mythics available and will be a good addition to many teams, though he may not always be the best choice as other units like Nott and Triandra still have strong use cases as well. 

Relevance in Other Modes

Medeus may have some relevance in other modes through his high Atk and bulk; he takes little damage from and deals high damage to many foes, so he can fit into many teams well. His ability to Canto Control may be highly useful in Summoner Duels, as Canto is very commonly used by threats like Brave Eirika and Yuri. The En Garde status is somewhat more niche outside of Aether Raids, as out-of-combat damage is relatively rare, but could be useful in particular cases. 

Banner Color Value Analysis

With all Legendary and Mythic banners, there are three units in focus on each color. As players have no control over which units they get of each color, beyond choosing what color of unit to pull, except for the single guaranteed summon after 40 summons available to FEH pass subscribers, it is important to consider the value of all units within a color when deciding whether to pull.

On red, we have Altina, Mirabilis, and Flavia. Altina is a sword flier Astra Mythic Hero that provides a boost of 5 HP and 3 Atk. She has the unique weapon Ragnell Alondite, which allows her to strike twice when attacking on either phase. Mirabilis is a sword flier Anima Mythic Hero that provides a boost of 5 HP and 5 Res. She has a unique variant of Dance, Whimsical Dream. Flavia is a sword infantry Normal Hero with the Lioness Blade, which allows her to ignore percentage-based damage reduction effects when her Special activates. 

On blue, we have Legendary Dimitri, Legendary Julia, and Ascended Idunn. Legendary Dimitri is a lance infantry Water Legendary Hero with the Pair-Up Effect. He has access to the unique skill Atrocity that boosts his damage by 25% of his Atk in addition to other effects. Legendary Julia is a blue tome infantry Earth Legendary Hero with the Pair-Up Effect. She has the unique tome Virtuous Naga, which is effective against dragons as well as providing a stat buff when she exceeds her foe’s Atk. Ascended Idunn is a blue dragon armor Ascended Hero. She has the unique weapon Dew Dragonstone, which removes her weakness to armor-effective weapons as well as providing a number of other useful effects. 

On green, we have Otr, Thorr, and Hel. Otr is an Anima Mythic Hero Axe Cavalry. As a Mythic Hero, he provides a stat boost of 5 HP and 5 Def, as well as allowing the use of the 7th slot on Aether Raids Defense teams. He has the unique weapon Auto-Lofnheiðr, which grants him a guaranteed follow-up and some stats, as well as Canto 3 during turns 1 through 4. Thorr is an Astra Mythic Hero that provides a boost of 5 HP and 5 Def, as well as enabling the use of the 6th slot on Astra Raiding Parties. Her C skill Worldbreaker provides +1 Special charge per attack to Thorr and any allies within 2 spaces. Hel is a Dark Mythic Hero Axe Flier that provides a boost of 5 Hp and 5 Def. Her unique weapon Hel’s Reaper has multiple rare effects, including one that makes her survive on 1 HP if she would be reduced to 0 from above 1 HP, similar to Miracle

On colorless, we have Medeus, Elimine, and Legendary Micaiah. Elimine is a staff flier Astra Mythic Hero that provides a boost of 5 HP and 4 Spd, and enables the use of the 6th slot on Astra Raiding Parties. She provides multiple useful support effects through Staff of the Saint and Holy Ground, including damage reduction for nearby allies and the False Start status, which can prevent enemy skills like Infantry Pulse from activating at the start of their turn. Micaiah is a colorless tome infantry Wind Legendary Hero. She has a unique tome that provides a guaranteed follow-up attack when initiating combat, and is effective against armored and cavalry foes, and a B skill that provides damage reduction. 

Should You Pull?

The needs and wants of every player in FEH will differ based on their own situation and their own priorities, so it is impossible to make recommendations that apply to everyone. People will want to use different heroes or invest in different modes. However, there are some general observations that can be made to help you come to your own decision. 

Red is a relatively weak option this time around for most players, other than those who wish specifically to obtain Altina or Mirabilis. Altina is currently one of the weakest options available when it comes to Astra Mythics, she provides no significant support effects and her combat does not hold up against modern units. However, merges on her may still be valuable for scoring in Aether Raids. Her rare skill fodder is basically non-existent. Mirabilis is still a competitive choice for Anima mythic, as she is the only dancer Anima mythic available. A single copy of her can be very valuable to a defense team. She also has Fort. Def/Res 3, which could be a desirable skill to inherit. Flavia is a decent sword infantry with very stiff competition from others like Brave Marth and Ascended Mareeta; while her damage reduction piercing effect is unique and powerful she struggles to stand out otherwise. Her skill inheritance is also mediocre, with the common Atk/Spd Push 4 and the rare Red Feud 3, the latter of which could be worthwhile on some units. 

Blue is decent, and could be valuable for players merging Dimitri or Julia. Both of them are still solid choices for a Legendary Hero, and have some relatively rare inheritable skills as well: Sturdy Impact and Odd Tempest for Dimitri, and Mirror Impact for Julia. Ascended Idunn is also a great choice for a Near Save unit, and she comes with great skills like DR Near Save, Wily Fighter, and Sturdy Stance 3

Green is a solid line-up focused exclusively on Mythic Heroes. Otr is a relatively powerful Anima mythic and currently one of only two Anima Mythics to allow the use of the 7th slot, the other being Seiros. He also has a whole stack of rare skills including G Duel Cavalry 4, which is currently only found on him, Flow Refresh, and Atk/Def Menace. All three of these could be very desirable for inheritance. Thorr is a powerful and relatively flexible choice of Astra mythic that can work on many teams, and as an offense Mythic Hero she provides a noticeable score boost when merged. She is also currently the only unit with Flow Guard, which is an extremely useful skill for some cavalry and flying units that allows them to deny enemies from counterattacking with a Special. Hel is easily the weakest of the three, with mediocre performance as a Mythic, and decent but not incredible inheritance with Distant Counter and Guard Bearing

Colorless is probably the most valuable this time around, though of course you may disagree. Medeus is an extremely powerful Dark Mythic that can effectively protect teams from strategies that would otherwise counter them, while also being difficult to take down himself. Elimine is an extremely powerful Astra mythic when it comes to supporting enemy phase tanks such as those using Near Save or Far Save; she is currently the only unit in the game that can prevent Bridal Catria’s Triangle Attack effect, making her team much less threatening, and there are many other effects she can similarly prevent. Micaiah is a solid Wind Legendary Hero for use in Arena, can find some relevance in other modes, and has the skills Fury 4 and Joint Dist. Guard to pass to other heroes if Micaiah herself is not needed. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the decision. If you do feel your Dark defense needs an update and you hate Bolt Towers with a passion, or feel like your save ball needs some extra shields, then Medeus may be right for you. 

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