Should You Pull Legendary - Eitri and Thórr Edition

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For the first time ever in Fire Emblem Heroes, we have a Legendary Hero and a Mythic Hero debuting on the same banner, and sharing the same color as well. While Eitri and Thorr are both powerful heroes that might be a great addition to your army, there are many things to consider before determining whether you should pull. 

Eitri’s Value in Arena

Eitri is a fire legendary, with the Pair-Up effect (can Pair Up with an ally in modes such as Allegiance Battles, and boosts fire-blessed allies’ HP by 3 when fire is in season). She is the first fire legendary to hit 185 BST in her Pair-Up skill, meaning she scores higher in Arena than all previously released fire legendaries. In addition, she has a unique B skill (Divine Recreation) that costs 300 SP, allowing her to score equivalent to a 190 BST unit that lacks such a skill when all other SP costs are maximized. So, overall, she is a great unit for scoring in any mode with arena-style scoring (Arena, Arena Assault, Allegiance Battles, Mjolnir Strike) provided she is adequately merged (ideally to +10; legendaries start having a noticeable impact on team scoring compared to similar-scoring non-legendaries at around +5). 

Eitri is also a highly useful unit in arena matches. Her flying movement allows her to ignore almost all movement restrictions from terrain effects and freely move across mountains and water tiles with no penalty. This is immensely useful in some arena maps. In addition, Grim Brokkr, Eitri’s unique “tome”, also provides a Canto 2 effect on turns 1 through 4 of the map, allowing her to move 2 spaces after combat. This can allow her to KO a unit and then safely retreat out of enemy range in many instances. Her combat potential is also solid, with high Atk, a guaranteed follow-up attack under easy conditions in Grim Brokkr, and a damage reduction into damage boost ability in Divine Recreation that allows her to survive most counterattacks by reducing their damage by 30%, then boosts her next attack by the damage reduced so long as she attacks again in that same combat. With these skills, it is very possible for her to survive and KO units such as Fallen Edelgard and Brave Hector. So, overall, Eitri is a highly useful unit in Arena and would be a good addition to many arena teams. 

Thorr’s Value in Aether Raids

Thorr is an Astra Mythic that boosts the HP and Def of Astra-blessed allies by 5, and allows the use of the extra unit slot on a raiding party, during Astra season. She is the third Astra “slot-boosting” Mythic, after Reginn and Ashera. It is highly useful to have at least one of these three Mythics, since they essentially allow you to bring a free extra unit during all offense Aether Raids matches during Astra season. However, as Reginn is available for free as part of Book V, most players likely will not need to pull Thorr for this purpose. That being said, Thorr is still a very useful Mythic. 

Thorr is defined by a few things: her weapon War-God Mjolnir, her new inheritable B skill “Flow Guard”, and her exclusive C skill “Worldbreaker”. War-God Mjolnir has several effects, allowing Thorr to hit harder, activate specials faster, deal bonus damage to armored units, and follow-up attack as long as she is above 25% HP. This is a great weapon that allows her to deal high damage to armored units as well as many others. The guaranteed follow-up combines well with Flow Guard, which disables any skills the foe might have to block Thorr’s follow-up when she initiates combat, meaning that her follow-ups can only be blocked with the use of Null Follow-Up or a similar effect. In addition, it also slows foe’s special charge, making it more difficult for units to get hit once and unleash a powerful Special in retaliation and helping Thorr survive. Worldbreaker is perhaps the most important; it grants Thorr +1 Special charge on all attacks in any combat she engages in, both her attacks and her foe’s, as well as doing the same for any allies within 2 spaces of her. This allows her to activate Specials quickly and reliably, and allow allies to do so as well. It is a great effect to use on a team that wants to use Galeforce to attack many times within 1 turn, or to allow bulky tanks to activate Specials more quickly in retaliation after they are attacked. It is an extremely useful passive ability on many different teams, allowing Thorr a flexibility that some other Mythics lack. She fits into different types of teams, and she can also function as both a highly threatening combat unit, and a solid support. 

Relevance in Other Modes

Eitri is a solid unit in Aether Raids. On a Raiding Party, her Canto effect is useful for breaking structures or KOing a unit and retreating to safety, and her high damage can be useful for breaking through bulky defense units. However, she is far from the only unit that can do this, and compared to ranged cavalry units such as Ninja Corrin or Valentine’s Lif, she lacks a space of movement which will make engaging more difficult. On Aether Raids Defense, Canto is more of a mixed bag, which can be used strategically so that Eitri will retreat into the range of a dancer after combat and be able to attack again. However, this is not always desirable. She can deal high damage over two hits and is fairly difficult to KO before she gets the second hit off, but she does struggle against some common offense units such as Ascended Fjorm, Altina, and Winter Altina. And of course, like all Legendary Heroes, she only gains the benefits of Blessings from Mythic Heroes when Fire is in-season, meaning that using her lowers lift gain on offense and increases lift loss on defense compared to using a non-Legendary unit blessed with the appropriate blessing. 

Thorr is a decent unit in modes outside of Aether Raids, with a unique useful support effect in Worldbreaker, but is unlikely to be extremely powerful in any other particular mode. In Arena and any mode with Arena-style scoring, she needs to be highly merged (close to +10) if a player wants to use her and score equivalent to other +10 units they may have, which is a significant barrier. If properly invested, she can certainly KO many units, but her movement is rather low and she is focused on player-phase melee combat, meaning that she is vulnerable to being KO’d on enemy phase by units with much higher effective range. 

Banner Color Value Analysis

With all Legendary and Mythic banners, there are three units in focus on each color. As players have no control over which units they get of each color, beyond choosing what color of unit to pull, it is important to consider the value of all units within a color when deciding whether to pull. 

On red, we have Plumeria, Legendary Sigurd, and Muspell. Plumeria is an Astra Mythic dancer, making her an easy addition to almost any Astra raiding party due to the extreme use and flexibility of dancers on basically every type of team. Her rare inheritable skills include Atk/Res Push 4, Sabotage Spd 3, and Atk/Res Rein 3.

Legendary Sigurd is a Wind Legendary Hero sword cavalry with the Pair-Up effect. He has solid combat and an incredibly useful Special, Holy-Knight Aura, that grants him the March status effect at all times, boosting his Mov by 1, and when it activates in combat, boosts the Mov of all his allies by 1 after combat. This is an extremely useful and threatening ability when used on the right team, and he is a fantastic choice for Arena or for Aether Raids Defense. He also has the rare skills Atk/Def Catch 4 and Fatal Smoke 3.

Muspell is a cavalry dragon hero with interesting support capabilities, applying Deep Wounds on foes after he attacks, preventing healing, and boosting the damage of himself and allies with 2 spaces by 30% of their Atk minus their foe’s Res. He also has the rare skills Rally Up Atk+, AR-D Def/Res 4, and Dragon Wall 3

On blue, we have Legendary Dimitri, Fallen Dimitri, and Nott. Legendary Dimitri is a Water Legendary Hero lance infantry with the Pair-Up effect. He can deal high damage with Atrocity and reduces damage taken with Areadbhar. He has the rare skills Sturdy Impact and Odd Tempest

Fallen Dimitri is also a lance infantry, with high damage and a unique B skill, Murderous Lion, that prevents counterattacks from foes as long as he is not adjacent to an ally, and gives him Canto, allowing him to move 1 space after combat, plus however many spaces of his pre-combat mov he didn’t use. He also has the rare skills Atk/Spd Solo 4 and Odd Tempest

Nott is a Dark Mythic Hero that unlocks use of the extra slot on a defense team during Dark season. She is currently the only Dark Mythic that does, making her highly useful to anyone that wants to build an effective Dark defense team. In addition to this, the Pathfinder effect in her weapon allows allies to move through her tile without expending a space of their movement, moving one extra space. This is also very useful for constructing good defenses. She also has access to the rare skills Distant Counter and Atk/Spd Menace. It is particularly notable that both of these skills cost 300 SP and are useful on many optimized Arena units, making her potentially extremely valuable fodder for a player looking to build a unit such as Ninja Shamir or Summer Norne for arena scoring. 

On green, we have the two new units, Eitri and Thorr, as well as Dagr. Eitri and Thorr’s strengths have been discussed previously. Eitri has access to the rare skills Atk/Res Solo 4 and Atk/Res Rein 3. Thorr has access to the rare skills Atk/Def Push 4 and Flow Guard 3

Dagr is a Light mythic that unlocks the use of the extra slot on a Raiding Party during Light season. She is one of two Light mythics that do so, the other being Ullr, making her highly useful to players who want to build effective Light teams. She has the same Pathfinder effect in her weapon as Nott does, which is very useful on some teams, though it is somewhat less often useful on offense than on defense. She has access to the rare skills Atk/Spd Push 4 and Even Tempest

On colorless, we have Legendary Corrin, Legendary Micaiah, and Bramimond. Corrin is a Wind Legendary with the Pair-Up effect. She is a colorless dragon whose unique Special, Negating Fang, allows her to take reduced damage from all hits and then fire back a powerful counterattack. She also has the rare skills Distant Counter and Joint Drive Atk. It is particularly notable that both of these skills cost 300 SP and are highly useful on many optimized Arena units, making her potentially extremely valuable fodder for a player looking to build a unit such as Ninja Shamir or Summer Norne for arena scoring. 

Legendary Micaiah is another Wind Legendary Hero with the Pair-Up effect. She is a colorless tome infantry with powerful combat, including armor and cavalry effectiveness, a guaranteed follow-up attack, and a B slot that includes damage reduction to help her better survive hits. She also has the rare skills Fury 4 and Joint Distant Guard

Bramimond is a Dark Mythic Hero that does not unlock the extra unit slot. He is a colorless tome with powerful combat and a C skill, Impenetrable Dark, that allows him to disable the effects of all foe’s skills other than the foe he is in combat with. He is a solid choice for Dark Mythic, but less often useful than other choices such as Nott. He also has the rare skills Atk/Def Push 4 and Lull Atk/Res 3

Should You Pull?

The needs and wants of every player in FEH will differ based on their own situation and their own priorities, so it is impossible to make recommendations that apply to everyone. People will want to use different heroes or invest in different modes. However, there are some general observations that can be made to help you come to your own decision. 

Green is potentially very high value for players looking to gain access to powerful Mythic and Legendary Heroes for scoring, and is probably the most desirable color for many players. All three of the green units, Eitri, Thorr, and Dagr, are highly useful in their respective modes, and the color sharing of two offense Mythics and a Legendary means that players can obtain more copies of Legendaries and Mythics for the same number of orbs spent. 

The value on Red is solid, with Plumeria and Sigurd both being great units that are valuable both as a single copy and when merged. Muspell does not have the same innate scoring value, as he is not a Legendary or Mythic, but he is a useful unit in his own right and has access to some rare and potentially useful skills. 

Blue could be valuable for players that missed Nott on her debut banner, or are merging Legendary Dimitri. All three units are interesting and have solid use cases and potentially useful skill inheritance. However, players wishing to obtain Nott will have a better chance of doing so if her banner reruns in the coming months, which we do not know for sure, but it seems likely that it will - depending on how the players vote. The guaranteed summon on New Heroes banners is far more reliable than playing the odds on a Legendary or Mythic banner. 

Colorless is perhaps the weakest link on this banner, though it could still be valuable for players merging Corrin or Micaiah. The fact that Corrin and Micaiah share an element (Wind) somewhat limits the value of highly merging both of them, compared to if one of them was sharing with a Legendary Hero of a different element, as the utility of a second +10 Legendary on a team for Arena scoring is considerably lower than the first, though it is still beneficial. However, they do both have skills that are potentially valuable to inherit even if the player does not want to use Corrin or Micaiah themselves, especially Corrin. Bramimond is potentially valuable for players that need a decent Dark Mythic, but there are arguably better options, even on this banner. His skill inheritance is also decent but not incredible, unless the player really needs Lull Atk/Res. 

The other thing to consider, of course, is that December is here, and a new Book will be upon us shortly, with New Heroes on a new banner and likely many other changes as well. Previous books have made changes such as introducing Legendary Heroes for arena scoring, introducing Mythic Heroes for Aether Raids, introducing Mythic Heroes with new effects, and so on. They have added new things to the game which may have drastic impacts on what players wish to spend orbs on. 

The December New Heroes banner is scheduled to release at 11 PM PST on December 7th, several days before this Legendary/Mythic banner ends, so I recommend waiting until it is revealed (probably a day or two before the banner itself starts) and we know what else is changing about FEH before making a decision, in order to do so with as much information as possible. This banner is potentially great value, but you don’t want to spend all your orbs on it and then be left with nothing when they introduce a new mode where you need six Splendiferous Heroes and the first one is best girl. 

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