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Article by raelet
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The Odds

This is a legendary banner, meaning that the odds start at 8% and the only 5 star units you will pull are the ones advertised on the banner. All colors are represented, however, all colors have 3 separate 5 star units you could get.

About Legendary Banners:

  • Rates start at 8%
  • You can only pull the advertised 5 star units, aka no “pity breakers”
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Legendary Banner are lower than if they were in their own banner
  • Legendary Banners are typically poor choices for color sniping, particularly for merges, unless you’re interested in the Legendary unit or 2/3 of the units in that particular color.

Alm: Saint King

Creeping or Galloping?

Legendary Alm’s statline is far beyond what we would expect, even as a legendary gen 3 unit.  His stat total rests at 162, giving him only 3 less stat points than the armored Halloween Jakob and 2 less than the armored Halloween Niles, while maintaining 2 higher stat ‘bins’ than units like Faye and Jamke, while still sporting 6 more stat points than his closest competitor, Spring Loki. All that aside, Alm also has the best offensive statline of any colorless archer with 37 Attack and 37 Speed. This makes him easily the best infantry archer in the game bar none, and whether or not he’s the best archer in the game comes down to how much you value armor-exclusive skills.

Compared with the free Spring Loki

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+1 +6 +3 -1 -3

Compared with the free Jamke

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+2 +1 +5 -3 +5

Compared with the 5 star Halloween Niles

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+3 +3 -2 +1 -7

A Moonbow Every Attack?

  • Alm’s Luna Arc is impressive, as it grants him additional Speed on top of negating 25% of his foe’s Defense, as long as he initiates the Attack.
  • Bear in mind that the Moonbow Special negates 30% of Defense, making Alm’s base attacks almost as potent as a Special every single time.
  • This allows him to take down potent defensive threats and cut through a lot of bulky defenses, as well as just granting him impressive attack values.

In The Name Of The Moon!

  • Alm also has the exclusive Lunar Flash Special, granting him an additional 20% enemy Defense negation, while also adding 20% of his Speed to his attack.
  • If initiating with his base kit, Alm’s Speed will grant him an additional 9-10 damage alone, which stacks with his 45% defense negation (his standard defense negation, plus his Lunar Flash defense negation). Bear in mind that 50% defense negation is a standard Luna Special.
  • Unlike a standard Luna, Alm’s Lunar Flash is on a 2 turn cooldown, making it essentially a vastly more powerful Luna on an even shorter cooldown.

The Rest Of His Kit

  • The fun doesn’t end there. Alm’s base kit itself is incredibly synergistic and powerful with the introduction of the new Darting Blow 4, which grants him 9 Speed per initiation.
  • This contributes even more damage to Lunar Flash, as well as giving him a Player Phase Speed in the high 40s.
  • That’s not all, though- Alm also comes with Null Follow-Up, which cancels all Follow-Up skills. This is his lynchpin skill against armored units, as well as units like Myrrh or units who utilize Quick Riposte to get kills.
  • Finally, Alm get’s the always-fashionable Odd Atk Wave, granting him an even bigger Attack boost.

Alm Together Now!

All of Alm’s skills and stats come together to create easily one of the best archers in the game, if not the absolute best. Alm negates Defense with every attack, negating it further and adding his own Speed to his Specials, while also negating his opponent’s attempts to counter using Quick Riposte and Vengeful Fighter- and also negating his opponent’s attempts to block his doubles using Wary Fighter or Great Flame.

And that’s before any additional stat boosts or ally contributions. In short, Alm is a murder machine, held back only due to the fact that he’s a Player Phase-oriented colorless archer.  He can likely tank a hit or two during the Enemy Phase (and he’s very unlikely to be doubled), but cannot retaliate at melee range without changing his A slot, which drastically cuts his Speed and reduces his Special damage.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on colorless orbs:

  • You like Legendary Alm, Winter Eirika, and Leanne, as you could get any of the three.
  • You want a ridiculously powerful colorless infantry archer.
  • You want negate a lot of Enemy Phase cheese
  • You can only pull for Legendary Alm once every few months, he will have no other banners

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from colorless orbs:

  • Alm is incredible but falls into many of the same pitfalls as other archers- his poor Enemy Phase and vulnerability to being oneshotted by a counterattack.
  • You have no use for a colorless infantry archer
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