Atk/Spd Solo 3

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If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd+6 during combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

All Units

  • Inheritable by all units.
How to Get

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
400 1000 100

Skillsets that use skill

“Joe wife doesn’t love you.” - Sedgar (Player Phase Again)

“No Sedgar. Tell me, who is Joe?” - Hardin (Player Phase)

“Hey Hardin. Do you know who Joe is?” - Sedgar (Aether Raids Defense)

Keep Scrolling Down (Player Phase)

Rebuilding a Lost Legacy (General Offense / Aether Raids)

The Usual (Mixed/Enemy Phase)

Scion Julia Budget Build I Guess... (General Use)

My Brother Has Taught Me Something Of Swordplay (Base Kit)

A Prince Before a Son or Brother (Superunit)

Freedom Flier (Offensive Focus)

Wings of Unity (Hybrid)

Watch Me Whip (General Offense)

who cares if I'm 983 days late to the Adrift banner too (Player Phase / Speed Stacking)

There's No Way Big Bro Is This Tiny And Inflatable!! (Mixed Solo Attacker / Low Investment)

Sincere Summer Spirit (General Offense)

Judgement (Player Phase Offensive)

PiNk DiAmOnD wAs ThE cUlPrIt!!111!! (Rose-Quartz Bow / Low-Investment)

How Can My Little Dimitri Be This Bloodthirsty? (Ninja Yari)