Swift Sparrow 3

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If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6, Spd+7 during Combat

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

Skillsets that use skill

Iron Blue Intention (Offense)

One Punch Woman (Offensive/Player Phase)

who cares if I'm 983 days late to the Adrift banner too (Player Phase / Speed Stacking)

tfw you copied some gnome's homework then suddenly become legendary (Windsweep / General Use)

Judgement (Player Phase Offensive)

better have spent a 3 month salary figure on that ring, chief (Brave Bow Nuke)

PiNk DiAmOnD wAs ThE cUlPrIt!!111!! (Rose-Quartz Bow / Low-Investment)

Unknowing Fire (Aether Raids Offense Galeforce)

Clean Sweep (Galeforce)

Large and in charge! (Player Phase)

Spring Whitewings, Assemble! (AR Offense Galeforce)

Today’s alt is brought to you by the number three. (Offense)

Quirky And Relatable Holidays (Offensive)

Setting Right What Once Went Wrong (Time's Pulse / High Investment Offensive)

Missile Works Unlimited in my Fire Emblem Game (Base Skills / Pure Combat Focus)

Hokage of Sacae (General Offense)

How Does Thunderbrand’s Sheath Work???? (Offensive Nuke)

Baja Blast Enthusiast (Offensive Nuke)

Mia the Top Dawg (Aether Raids Defense)

Lucina the Bottom Half (General Gameplay / Standard Offensive)

A Rightful God (Player Phase Offensive Build)

A Fierce Fashion Statement(Offensive)

Last-Ditch Squall (Desperation Offense)

Knave of the Wind (Sweep Offense)