Sacae's Blessing


If foe has sword, lance, or axe, foe cannot counterattack.

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Units with Skill

Unlocks at 5 ★

Sacae's Blessing


This is skill is limited to Brave Lyn, and cannot be inherited to other units. Sacae’s Blessing allows Lyn to avoid counters from axes, swords and lances when she attacks. Ultimately, this skill allows Lyn to bypass Distant Counter, and in turn, the popular Distant Counter + Vantage skill combo. This skill combo is one of the most popular in the entire game, establishing Sacae’s Blessing and Lyn as an important anti-metagame unit. While it is possible to bypass Vantage with the Hardy Bearing seal, This still exposes the attacker if they are unable to finish the target. Sacae’s Blessing has no real limitations on its use, making it a very powerful B slot skill.


The ability to get around Distant Counter turns Lyn into an effective assassin, provided she is able to secure KO’s on foes. Slower units with Distant Counter can be handled with a Brave Bow along with Luna or Glacies as a part of a Quad Attack build. Lyn’s speed is not high enough to Quad on faster units, but her Brave Bow still deals exemplary damage. Pairing Lyn up with a user of Sing/Dance is a relatively foolproof way for her to secure kills, and take full advantage of Sacae’s Blessing. Powering her up with Cavalry buffs is another way to let her punch through high defense threats and secure KO’s.


Sacae’s Blessing is an exceptional skill with no immediate downsides, and stands as Lyn’s premier option for her B slot. However, taking Sacae’s Blessing leaves her wanting of other skills, namely Cancel Affinity, which protects her from Raven tome users, an advantage which other colorless units possess. Dealing with Sacae’s Blessing is a nightmare, especially considering Lyn’s multiple build options. Powerful armored units with Wary Fighter can outlast her damage, and annihilate her the following turn with powerful attacks. Raven tome users are also a safe bet, as Lyn carrying Sacae’s Blessing cannot take Cancel Affinity.