New Heroes (The Chosen Ones) debut September 19

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New Heroes: The Chosen Ones

The latest new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped! Watch it here or check it out through the in-game announcements.

The banner is named “The Chosen Ones”, and features new heroes from the world of Archanea! Phina, Sirius, Norne, Nagi, and Bantu will appear on the banner, while Astram will be obtainable from an upcoming Grand Hero Battle.

Forging Bonds: A Time to Shine begins 12AM PT on 9/19, featuring Phina, Sirius, Norne and Nagi.

Phina, Roving Dancer

Phina is a sword infantry, and possesses the coveted ability to use Dance. She also wields the Rapier, a new personal weapon with many traits: effective damage against armor and cavalry, Speed +3, and Vantage 3. She also introduces Spd/Def Form, expanding the new Form skill family.

She will most likely have a BST of 157, in line with other Gen 3 infantry refreshers. Based on her Rapier and main series growths, she’ll likely have exceptional Speed, decent Attack and HP, and low defenses. Phina may have missed her ticket to the Splendid Soiree banner, but she’s shaping up to be one of the best melee dancers.

Sirius, Mysterious Knight

The latest lance cavalier to join the game, Sirius comes with great skills and a strong personal weapon. Sable Lance accelerates his Specials and gives him +4 to all stats, provided he is not adjacent to an ally. This “Solo” effect stacks perfectly with Atk/Spd Solo; Sirius comes pre-built and even introduces a new Lull skill, Lull Atk/Spd.

I won’t spoil his identity for anyone who hasn’t played Mystery of the Emblem, but his hair does look suspiciously similar to another hero… Based on that hero’s stats, we can expect Sirius to have high Attack and Speed, decent HP and Defense, and low Resistance. He’s not a particularly exciting unit skills-wise, but Sirius should have enough stats to outshine most lance cavaliers.

Norne, The Volunteer

Norne is a bow infantry, and the most recent addition to the colorless unit pool. She comes without a personal weapon, but introduces the new skill Brazen Spd/Def. Without her stats revealed, Norne is decidedly less impressive than the other units on the banner. Unfortunately, it would also seem that Norne’s also volunteered to be this banner’s demoted unit. 

With no personal weapon and lackluster skills Norne will need exceptional stats to compete with top archers like Legendary Alm and the just-released Soiree Nephenee. She’ll most likely excel in Speed, and her starting skills imply she’ll have decent Defense as well. However, her other stats are harder to gauge.

Nagi, Dragon Avatar

Nagi is a green armored dragon, possessing a great starting kit and powerful personal weapon. Her Ethereal Breath has the normal adaptive damage quality, accelerates her Specials, gives her a Raven tome effect, grants effective damage against other dragons, and reduces damage from AOE Specials.

She is seemingly designed for Aether Raids: Her personal weapon allows her to counter optimal versions of Ophelia and Legendary Alm, charge Aether quickly, and she even comes with Distant Counter and Special Fighter. However, she has the normal armored dragon weaknesses. She is weak to a myriad of weapon types, and has low movement, making it hard to get in when attacking on Aether Raids.

Her stats remain to be seen, but it seems likely she’ll have 180 BST like her counterpart Tiki. Although she counters common Aether Raids threats, Nagi will need to find a way around anti-armor and dragon weaponry to be effective. Despite this, she’s likely the strongest unit on this banner, and has by far the best Skills for those needing fodder.

Bantu, Tiki’s Guardian

Bantu is a red dragon, although it’s currently unknown if he’s armored or infantry. His reveal comes as a surprise, as he will be available in the 3* and 4* pool right from the start. Little is known about him, although the trailer shows him using Dragon Fang.

His stats are difficult to speculate due to Bantu’s abysmally low growth rates in the main series games. However, his strong mental resilience may mean he has high Resistance. There are a lot of unknowns surrounding Bantu, so we’ll just have to wait and see how he turns out.

Astram, Midia’s Hero

Astram is to be the next Grand Hero Battle reward, and although nothing is confirmed about him yet, it can be assumed he is a sword infantry, like his main series version. Astram typically wields the Mercurius, one of the three regalia weapons and the only one missing from Fire Emblem Heroes.

As for his stats, if his main series growths are anything to go by, Astram will have very high HP, good Attack, and decent Speed. Free sword infantry units often tend towards having high HP with a well-rounded statline. Because he joins such a bloated group of units, how good or bad Astram is will likely come down to Mercurius.

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