Tempest Trials - Life Is But Fleeting

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Almost free team
Submitted by CorrinFire
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This Team can be incredibly strong with the right builds. If you use the dogwood build on Sumia nothing will stop her she will destroy every thing and her reposition help if your in a pinch. But this team i really good because their mostly f2p characters. I hope this helps you out.

Myrrh Kill Squad (ft. Winter Eirika)
Submitted by blukirbi
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Summer Tana's weapon allows Winter Eirika to be more mobile, while she's helpful with taking out Fae and any non-blue Armor Units that assist her. Myrrh (Distant Counter/Quick Riposte/Flyer Buff Skill/Iote's Shield) is an absolute unit, and Est (Berkut's Lance/Distant Counter/Hit n Run/Res Ploy) is good with most mages.

It's almost a brave team
Submitted by SirTempo
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With this team it's too easy

Armor Emblem v2 (Winter Cecilia)
Submitted by RafaSebas
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Amelia (5* +def -atk)
Weapon: Slaying Axe +Spd
Special: Bonfire
A: Fury 3
B: Axebreaker 3
C: Armor March 3
S: Speed 3

Hector (Brave) (5* +def -hp)
Weapon: Maltet
Special: Ignis
A: Ostian Counter
B: Bold Fighter 3
C: Even Res Wave 3
S: Atk Def Bond 3

Cecilia (GW) (5*)
Weapon: Goodie Boot +Res
Special: Iceberg
A: Atk Res Bond 3
B: Quick Riposte 2
C: Ward Armor
S: Distant Def 3

Lucius (4* +atk -hp)
Weapon: Assault
Special: Kindled-Fire Balm
A: Speed 3
B: Renewal 3
C: Hone Atk 3
S: Live To Serve 1

Adrift Christmas
Submitted by kalk
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Camilla and Reinhardt can literally OHKO everything while Chorm engulf all the damage and Inigo dances on the enemy's grave. With this team I completed the TT in one day. Don't let Camilla die (Reinhardt can be substituted) but she is (alongside Chrom) the only who can kill (OHKO or in two hits) Fae on the hardest mode.

Camilla: 41 56 35 22 38
Book of Dreams, Reposition, Dragonic Aura
Fury 3, Atk/Res Link 3, Goad Fliers
Brazen Atk/Res 3
S Support with me because she is bae and Reinhardt.

Reinhardt 40+1: 39 45 18 23 25
Dire Thunder, Reposition, Luna
Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker, Goad Cavalry
Attack +3
S Support with Camilla.

Inigo 40+1: 48 40 34 22 20
Dancer's Ring (+Def), Dance, Luna
HP+5, Wings of Mercy 3, Breath of Life 2
Breath of life 3

W!Chrom: 51 51 19 35 32
Sack o' Gift (+Def), Pivot, Glimmer
Brazen Atk/Res 3, Wary Fighter 3, Threatener Atk 3

Merry Christmas and let's hope for Christmas Camilla next year boiis