Bound Hero Battle: Cecilia & Lilina

Map/Enemy Details

Map/Enemy Details

Infernal Stats

58 49 28 25 32
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Attack +3
Support B Escape Route 3
Special Blazing Wind C Hone Atk 3
57 58 28 21 34
Weapon Bolganone+ A Attack +3
Support B R Tomebreaker 3
Special Growing Flame C Spur Atk 3
52 43 39 24 40
Weapon Sapphire Lance A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B
Special C
59 42 27 32 18
Weapon Brave Bow+ A
Support B Swordbreaker 3
Special C
57 46 22 28 33
Weapon Brave Lance+ A
Support B Pass 3
Special C
52 44 35 22 31
Weapon Rauðrwolf+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B G Tome Valor 1
Special Blazing Flame C Drive Atk 2

User Submitted Teams

Easy cheap win with 4* Gunter and some Horses
Submitted by Adapted
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All Units lv 40 and 5*, with the exception of Gunter (lv 39, and 4* w/ no merges)
***This build relies on Spur Atk/ Hone Cavalry buffs and Reinhardt needs Lancebreaker 3 to OHKO the lance units***

Reinhardt - (+Atk, -HP)
Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, No A skill, Lancebreaker 3 (Preferred), Goad Cavalry, Quickened Pulse

B Lyn - (Neutral) +1
base skillset with no inheritance besides Draw Back and an Atk +2 Seal

Shigure - (IVs don't matter and any dancer works just fine)
base skills but with Spur Atk 1 seal

Gunter 4*- All you need is Hone Cavalry

1. Destroy the first block and move all the units up 1 space with Reinhardt in the top left, Gunter in the top right, B lyn on the bottom right and Shigure on the bottom left.

2. Make sure both Reinhardt and B lyn are getting the hone cavalry buff, then use Reinhardt to take out the lance flier. Move shigure and sing on reinhardt, then use reinhardt to reposition shigure back to the starting formation. (Exact same as the one mentioned earlier)

3. Cecilia and Lilina will now be in range, so use B Lyn to attack cecilia then take her out with Gunter. Then leave Reinhardt there and take out the cavalier blue lance and move Shigure to the right of Reinhardt (to avoid the red mage) then use sing on Reinhardt to take out the Lilina.

3. No units will take damage.

4. Use B lyn to snipe out the archer and Reinhardt to snipe out your fellow mage.

4 orbs wooo!!!

Horse Emblem sorry (Video)
Submitted by Yang
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Wings of Mercy double dancers with Lyn and Cordelia
Submitted by ecpgieicg
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Typical builds on Lyn and Cordelia. Hit and Run / Drag Back is optional. Lyn needs 44 initating Spd. Cordelia needs 33 initiating Spd. (Both are a Spd +3 seal away with neutral IV or Hone Spd 2 or a Uror sing or... You get the idea. It’s easy to achieve.) Two dancers need Wings of Mercy 2. Preferrably, Lyn has Reposition. Reposition and Galeforce on Cordelia can help but is not needed as long as Lyn has Reposition.

Lyn can OHKO the Lance Flier. Dancer + Reposition will spirit everyone out of the range of Cecilia and Lilina. Lyn can ORKO Lilina but will take a hit and fall within Wings of Mercy 2 range, (as long as your Lyn is not too merged.) Reposition on Lyn or Cordelia can help move everyone out. From here, Cordelia can quad Lance Cavalier and Cecilia. She will take a hit from Lance Cavalier and thus come within Wings of Mercy 2 range. Subsequently, Cordelia can kill Bow Fighter with a dancer assist. With Galeforce or dancer assist, she has the last move needed to OHKO Red Mage.

Without Reposition, it would be trickier. But the combo should still be able to get through.

No skill inheritance Cecilia & Lilina Team
Submitted by Adalbert
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Delthea deals with the lance cavalier, the sniper and the red mage on the left. (w/ hp +3 sacred seal)
Black Knight is for Cecilia & Lilina after Oscar gets out.
Oscar is for the lance flier.
Olivia is for dancing Oscar out of there.

Lyn's Wings of Mercy Squad
Submitted by Lothgrimm
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My Team had the following Key Skills:
Brave Lyn - Reposition
Brave Ike & Black Knight - Wings of Mercy (2nd Lvl is recommended but 1st should be alright as well)
Olivia - Hone Atk 3
Rest: Default Skills of all Characters
(Other Movement Skills like Swap or Draw Back might come in handy but were not necessary during the battle.)
Starting Position:
Lyn Olivia
Ike Bl.Knight
1st and 2nd Round:
Let Lyn shoot the damaged wall in the north, then let all characters position themselves before the wall in order of the starting position, so that Lyn is in reach of the winged axe wielder in the north.
3rd Round:
Kill the Winged Axe Fighter with Lyn, give her another turn thanks to Olivias Dancing and reposition both characters out of harms way behind the northern wall. Position Ike on the right end of the wall, the Black Knight right behind him.
4th Round:
Lilina and Cecilia will position themselves before the gap in the wall while the Blue Cavalier will threaten the team from the left. Now defeat Lilina by using Lyn who will absorb a lot of damage while still surving the counter attack. At this point Lyns HP will be this low that Wings of Mercy can be activated, so that the Black Knight will be able to jump near Lyn and defeat Cecilia with ease. Before the Round ends slay the blue cavalier with Brave Ike and give him another turn with Olivia, so that he can evade the reach of the red mage.
5th Round:
Move Lyn one space away from the red mage so that Ike can use Wings of Mercy to hit him with his axe. That will not defeat him in the first place but a second turn of Lyn (thanks to Olivia) definetly will. Make sure to use Wings of Mercy for the Black Knight to move out of the reach of the last Archer since he has Swordbreaker and Brave Bow which would be enough to outright destroy the Black Knight.
Last Round:
The Archer will attack Ike but wont be able to defeat him. Make quick work of the Archers HP with Ike's Urvan and the 4 Orbs are yours ;-)