Castle Captures: Rival Domains Guide

Castle Captures: Rival Domains Guide

Rival Domains

Located in the Special Maps section of the Battle menu, Rival Domains is a non-permanent game mode that offers summoners the ability to deploy more units, face more foes, and reach score benchmarks by netting consecutive KOs to gain rewards.

Special Maps Menu Screenshot
Like most Special Maps, Rival Domains maps are only available for a limited amount of time before they expire.

Rules and Restrictions

Rival Domains is quite different from most other game modes, and it has a variety of special rules and restrictions.

  • Enemy reinforcements will spawn endlessly. The map ends after 10 turns, or after all available forts have been captured by you or the enemy.
  • You can bring up to 20 units with you into battle -- this is called a Brigade. A maximum of 8 members of a Brigade are deployed onto the field at one time.
  • Once a member of your Brigade is KO’d, they are replaced by the next member on your Brigade list.
  • To build a Brigade, you can use your own units, the leader unit of your friends that is displayed on your friends list, or, if you do not bring 20 heroes, units auto-generated by the game.
  • Only one Dancer/Singer can be deployed in a Brigade at a time. Duplicate units cannot be used.
  • Your score is increased by capturing enemy forts, successfully defending your forts, and defeating enemies. A +1 bonus score from each KO can be earned by defeating foes with a certain movement type (i.e. infantry),
  • The first time you reach or surpass the listed target score, you will receive the pictured reward for that map.

How to Play

If you’re lost regarding how to begin playing Rival Domains, here’s how to get started.

Assembling Your Brigade

The first thing you need to do is assemble your Brigade. Navigate to the Rival Domains menu and choose your difficulty. Once you do that, you will be brought to a menu that has an empty team slot. From here, you can tap on the Edit Brigade option.

Edit Brigade 1 Screenshot
The Edit Brigade screen is essentially  a larger version of the Edit Allies screen, with a big difference -- it allows you to not only view your Friends’ Allies, but also include them in your Brigade as well!
Edit Brigade 2 Screenshot
By tapping the Friends’ allies option, you are able to toggle between your units and your Friends’ leader units. You can tell the difference by looking for the green heart. From here, you can select a unit as you normally would to include that unit in your Brigade. Once you’re done, it’s time to start the map.
Starting the Map Screenshot
You’ll begin the map occupying your allied fort and outpost. Your goal to to capture all the outposts and forts belonging to the enemy without having your outposts and forts be captured -- which you can only do by advancing.
Fort Warping Screenshot
If you’re worried about your units that spawn at the bottom-leftmost fort being left behind in the chaos, don’t worry; if your unit is occupying a fort or any of the surrounding spaces marked with a symbol, they can warp to any one of your currently occupied outposts or the surrounding marked spaces. In this example, Fae can warp to any unoccupied space of the outpost that is to the right.
Attacking an Outpost Screenshot
Small enemy outposts (the little castle-like structure) need to be attacked twice to be captured. On this turn, I have already attacked the outpost once with Nowi, and I am now attacking it for a second time with Faye.
Legendary Ike Warps to Captured Outpost Screenshot
Now that the outpost is under my control, you can see that Legendary Ike is able to warp to any unoccupied space that is directly on the outpost or adjacent to it.  Any allies that occupy a fort or an outpost castle / structure also heal 10 HP at the start of every turn.
Faye Attacks the Castle Screenshot
The enemy’s fort is mostly likely the last structure you’ll be capturing on this map. Unlike outposts, Forts have to be attacked 3 times to be captured instead of 2. Deplete the castle's HP to win!
Scoring Screen Screenshot
Because I defeated 20 foes, captured every outpost, did not have my own outposts or forts captured, and fulfilled the special condition (KO enemies with infantry allies), I obtained the maximum score. This was more than enough to earn the reward of this map. If 10 turns had passed and I had not captured all the enemy outposts and forts, I would've won anyways, but my score would be lower.

Difficulty and Rewards

If you’re able to successfully complete the map and match or exceed the Target Score, you’ll receive the following rewards:

Map Map clear reward (Target Score met)
Rival Domains: Normal 1 Orb
Rival Domains: Hard 50 Large Badges
Rival Domains: Lunatic 500 Feathers
Rival Domans: Infernal Divine Dew