FEH Content Update: 11/16/2020 - Princess of Bern

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Content Summary

New Summonable Units:
New Free Units
Other Content:
  • New Weapons
  • New Skills
  • New Art for Feh Pass
  • New Chapter
    • Book IV, Chapter 13: Reality
  • New Accesories
    • Red-Stone Diadem
    • Guardian Circlet
    • Gladiator Hel
    • Horse Headdress
  • New Forging Bonds:
    • Principled Acts
  • New Grand Hero Battle
    • Azure Rider: Galle
  • New Bond Hero Battle
    • L & R (Lugh & Raigh)
  • New Tactic Drills
    • Skill Studies 101: Bern's Royal Escort
  • New Chain Challenge
    • Chapter 13
  • New Quests
    • Black Friday
    • Grand Conquests
    • Feh Pass
    • Reality
  • Space was alocated for 7 new Summoning Focuses.

New Unit Stats

Content Album

Maps and Misc.


Arena Season Bonus Heroes

Tempest Trials Bonus Heroes

(Note: No new TT+ Bonus units this update)

Aether Raids Season Bonus Heroes

Upcoming Røkkr Bosses

(Note: No new Røkkr Bosses)

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